Re: The 2002' z06 Vette will kick this car's ass

Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 GTR Straßenversion' started by M5E39, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. y can't ignorant vette lovers take their crap and stick it up their @$$ where it belongs
  2. who gives a sh!t about american cars, they are exactly that cars made for america only. BMW (and pretty much all other german made car) are international cars, sold worldwide, respected worldwide.
    Don't compare price, a locally (US) made car is always gonna be cheaper then one made overseas...many factors go into pricing, including its worldwide loyalty/respect/class, which is exactly what the bimmer has and z06 doesnt.
    BMW engineering is so much ahead of any american car, anyone can build a big engine, u just make it bigger...u dont think BMW know that? but that aint the point...its all about engineering to its finest.
    An american engine is a NO BRAINER, they just make a bigger engine each time it is released.
    The only thing BIGGER then an american engine is their EGO!!! not to mention their extreme ignorance.
  3. man you should request professional help...
  4. u r the reason there r stupid american jokes.
  5. man, i like ur style of thinking! about the price, u get what u pay for. not those cheap prices for gay american interiors.
  6. yea, he definately knows what he's talkin about
  7. old aswell bro
  8. The Z06 is a 2 seat sports car and the M3 is a 4 seat GT car. If you think they are in the same class you are to stupid to be allowed to post anywhere on the net. lol @ u <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  9. asshole
    i got one of these myself, and i can keep a lot higher speed when things starting to get a little twisty.
  10. This car can kick the Z06's ass. I guarantee it. This is my freakin' ultimate dream car, by far.
  11. "And this beemer will kick any american cars ass when ever you wan't"

    Any American bout a Viper ??? (the 2002 z06 Vette would have its ass handed to it)
  12. Hey guys, if the normal E46 M3 gets close to the corvette only being 3.2L, imagine the GT R on a track vs. a z06 vette... damn! it would be a humilliation... the GT R is a complete race car, they just built it to be able to participate on LEMANS.... GTR STRASSENVERSION (STREET VERSION) The only corvette that can beat it is the C5 R. But that car has a 7.0 liter engine... I think corvettes should only be compared with Dodges and Fords (pushrod is their technology) or else they have to design new technology to their engines, they keep on improving 50 and 60 year old engines. But that is what keeps the cars on a lower price, for example when Chevrolet produced the only Corvette with a DOHC engine (Lotus Design), the price went too high. The Dodge Viper is the shittiest of all supercars and I don't care where is it made, how easy can it be for a brand to install a trucksize engine to a car, ofcourse its gonna run fast but it will not be fun to drive. They should start designing all new engines and try to keep them available. This bimmer (M3GT R) is too expensive people... For that price I can get a Lamborgini Gallardo or something else, an all new 911 RUF, or a ferrari, etc etc...

    but the answer to this is that the bimmer would wipe its aasss with a Z06
  13. No way that all german cars are the shit. Z06's are the real deal and let me tell you that it can beat just about any german car that is legal on the road.Seriously though I like BMWs and I have been in many of them but all of the ones I have been in couldn't even trail the Z06 in less than like 400 yards behind. My father who just bought one of the Z06's says it is the fastest car he has ever been in. Let me tell you he used to own GTO's, Z's, and at one time a Shelby Cobra.

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