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  1. Som pictures that might help people understand ho the rotary engine works. The one thats not shown, is a .gif animation, click it!
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    cool. thanks for posting that stuff up. i already know how a rotor works but that cross section pic of the rotor is awesome.
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    The Renesis Rotary (RX8 Engine) was voted the Engine Of The Year, and Best New Engine.
    I just thought you might like to know that.
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    I always wondered how they worked, thanks
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    I think that the rotarty engine is over rated. It simply does not make enough torque to move the car fast.
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    Torque is a problem, but with some twin sequential turbochargers....
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    if im correct its called a 'Wankel' engine. y couldnt they choose a better name?? it sounds like a different word for takin a piss.
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    Douche, the Wankel rotary is more than likely named after the guy who engineered it, Felix Wankel. What a coincidence! And why is everyone so concerned about torque? Do you even know what torque is, let alone calculate it?
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    Is it true that Rotary's have to be changed every six months??
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    Thanx for those nice pics!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    I drive an RX8 and I love the Renesis.
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    No, but the old Rotary engines was very bad and lots of problems.
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    The Renesis can easily do 200K+ kms.
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    I also drive a Rx-8 and i say that it can easily go over 200km/h not to say 240+. I just love the sound of this car.

    I have to say though that whoever is responsible for writing the specs of Rx-8 here in should be more careful. The size of the brakes isn't 17 inches, they just couldn't fit in 18 inch wheels. It is 14 inches or 350mm if you like it better. Those are for the front brakes. The rear ones I think are a lot smaller about 320mm.

    Overall I think it is a lovely car. I love the space it has for a sportscar, the sound and power of the motor and surely its shape. The thing I dont like much is the cosumption but someone who has the ability to buy such a car should have a problem so I don't either.
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    I was talking bout how much the engine can take, I meant 200000kms.
    And I already did 245km/h with it.

    WTF!? The brakes in front really are 17 inch dude!
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    Sorry about the 200K kms I didn't understand the 1st time. I totally agree with you in this subject.
    But about the disks of the brakes you are wrong. There is no way you can fit a 17inch disk into a 18inch rim. I am positive that the brake size is 14inch, if you do a little searching you will find out. After all even the Porsche 911 Turbo has smaller disks than 17inch. To fit a 17inch disk it requires at least 19inch or 20inch rim beacause there always are the brake pads that take some space.
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    Well, I could be wrong, if I am, I'm sorry. I just heared it from my colleges.
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    Is there any difference at how the Reneisis works compared to the old Rotary engines? or is it just really just two rotary engines? (bare with me cause I don;t know much about cars, but tryin to learn more)
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    The Renesis is a twin-rotor, so two rotors after eachother. And it uses way less oil than the 20B. Its hard to explain, but has more power/cc and is alot more economical. I'll look for some intense info.
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    All the previous RX-7s had a 13B-REW, which is a twin rotor: The only
    mass-produced car from Mazda with a 20B is probably the Cosmo.

    RENESIS uses different location for the intake/exhaust holes, reducing
    the possibility of fuel loss and engine parts wearing out. It has some
    disadvantages such as:

    1) Impossible to add more rotors. (RENESIS was developed assuming only
    using two rotors) Therefore a 3-rotor RENESIS is unlikely to happen.
    2) Using the turbocharger system, the fuel efficiency shows almost no
    improvement over the previous 13B-REW of the RX-7.

    Heck, who cares, you don't have to think of rebuiling the engine.
    And that means a lot to rotary engin owners! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Thanks for that.
    The 20B was only in the Cosmo?
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    This car has the most bhp per litre I have ever seen at a production car without a turbo or compressor!! almost 200 bhp per litre!!!

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