Saleen Store opening and rally

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SAR, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. On Saturday July 29th after the show at Crystal Cove, Saleen will be having a cruise ,that everyone who wants is welcome to join, over to the Irvine Spectrum for the Grand opening of the new Saleen Retail Store, if you are in the area come join us. I will be at Crystal Cove in the AM with a Red S7 TT. The Store is a new direction in car shops with full cut aways on display, a full line of Saleen apparel, and parts, also the usual S7 and Mustangs on display
  2. That sucks that I live too far.
  3. Can I buy online?
  5. SoCal has all the fun.
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  7. Good Christ, you can test drive the S7 for a fee. A SoCal member has to go, we can Paypal him the cash.
  8. Post your avatar NOW.
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  10. enjoy
  11. Excellent! thanks!
  12. Hey SAR, when are we gonna see a GOOD 1/18 scale die cast model of the S7.
  13. I only do the big 1/1 scale ones, I think there is one of the TT being done now, we have a few samples at the new store
  14. Yea, but they're done by crap model makers like Hot Wheels. You have a world class car, pay a world class model maker like Auto Art to do your car.
  15. i wouldnt call a saleen world class, but, maybe a sportscar

    world class is more like a phantom
  16. Who the hell is SAR?
  17. Ummm, don't say stupid stuff like that around rabbitl1. Look at their racing record for both the Mustangs and S7s and rethink it first.
  18. Models at the store:
  19. Models in my collection. Yes, there is an S7 in there.
  20. That is AWESOME!
  21. Shut up n00b. If you can't see the S7 as a world class supercar, you're clearly retarded. You're comparing a maker of luxurious sedans to the maker of a 200+ mph supercar.
  22. Billy Tally, lead engineer of the S7
  23. Search and Rescue
  24. Cool.

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