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  1. **** the SMG. Replaced all of the DIY'able parts and done everything I can within reason, still acting up.

    Opportunity presented itself to send the car to be used as a prototype for a full DCT swap. I'm paying for parts, engineer is covering the labor as he's planning to make it a marketable kit. Will be the first one completed in North America, and maybe the first documented one in the world outside of the single E60 M5 CSL that BMW built.

    Also going to have the rod bearings replaced, vanos lines changed, and equal length headers done while the motors out of the car. Gonna be a long, expensive couple of months waiting for it to be finished, but I'm excited. [​IMG]
  2. Hopefully the DCT will bolt right in to the LSx turbo swap you'll need after you nuke the motor :p
  3. Such M5, very V10, much expensive repair, wow

    Also a couple more cars inside the shop, and at least four S85s in different states of rebuild.


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  4. Switching the entire transmission on a V10 M5 sounds expensive AF. What make is the new transmission?
  5. It's a BMW DCT out a wrecked, newer M. Believe it or not, it was going to be more expensive to fix my current trans than doing this swap.
  6. You should make a tally of how much this car has cost you so far in total.
  7. I don't need that kind of negativity in my life
  8. Your readers are disappointed.
  9. I'm guessing because of not being charged for labor?
  10. Well, yeah, the labor on this is going to be insane, I'm sure.

    But I was looking at some $2k just in parts minimum (prob closer to $3,500) to fix my SMG, then it was still going to be an unreliable system with a 100k mile, $4,000 hydraulic pump and actuator just waiting to fail.
  11. Opportunity to swap a manual transmission missed...
  12. A few people have said the same thing, and I understand the sentiment, but if I wanted the car in a manual I would've bought it that way.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I find the project extremely interesting.
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  13. Been pretty quiet on the build for a while, shop has ran into some issues, gotta do paid work to pay the bills, etc etc. But one of the big hurdles was cleared yesterday. Equal length spaghetti headers finally off the production line.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Please explain the practicality of that.
  15. The only thing practical with this car is that is has rear doors.

    Equal length headers car, in theory and in practice, exhaust air from the engine more quickly and efficiently. Traditional, unequal length manifolds can cause pulses of exhaust from each cylinder to collide at the collector and slow down the process.

    Mostly though it's for the sound. Part of the S85's unique sound is from the factory equal length spaghetti headers. Most of the aftermarket ones are traditional log style long-tubes, they make the car sound like a big burly American V8, and can cause some flow issues at high-RPMs.
  16. I would like to see what it looks like when installed.
  17. Oh yeah, so after ~a year and a half, the DCT swap has been a total failure. Car going back to stock with a fully rebuilt SMG, should have it back in the next week or two.

    *sad trombone*
  18. Dang, programming issues?
  19. fuuuuu-

    That's so disappointing! What was impossible to overcome, in the end?
  20. BMW
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  21. That sucks so bad.
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  22. There are a lot of technical details that are over my head, but I think the TLDR is the builder had the code written up, had it working properly on a test basis, but couldn't get it to save to the M3 ECU. Basically every time the car would reset it would revert to the 8-cylinder coding that came with the M3 ECU.

    It sucks, but I always knew failure was a strong possibility. Just wish he would've thrown in the towel a year ago.
  23. Oh look, it's actually being put back together. Finally. Headers look fuckin sweet. Too bad it'll be snowing by the time I pick it up.




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  24. weird that there's like one guy that still likes cars here

    everyone on this site imagined 10 years ago that they'd be doing what you're doing now, and it's mostly just you!
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  25. I think there are still plenty of us that like cars and car talk, I was just the one stupid enough to buy into something interesting.
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