Should automatic firearms be legal?

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  1. Quote from me for the third time:

    "So you're saying that violence in society is about the people, not the guns, huh? Thanks for making my point for me."
  2. Get rid of americans, problem solved.
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    Actually, I've seen all of them. It's just that I am capable of thinking about things myself and don't have to rely on a pure propagandist to shape my beliefs. And about the high gun murders...
  4. Jesus #$%#ing christ. The US and Australia do not measure homicide the same way. When you compare the same statistics, the rate is about 1.8 in Aus compared to 2.4 in the US. You more than doubled it. That's not even close to accurate.
  5. Australia, England, Wales, Canada, Sweden, and Holland all have higher crime rates than the US. Let's get rid of them.
  6. Yeah, a whole 100 crimes a year against the 10k for USA.

    Oh wait, you meant all of them put together? OH WAIT! Even put together they dont have as many crimes per year.
  7. bs
  8. Gun murders do not equal overall violent crime.
  9. So about 90% of the crimes just strangle eachother? Or stab?
  10. I've shown you the numbers several times in the past. If you chose not to believe them and instead keep citing the same statistics that you know are misleading, then feel free to keep fooling yourself because that's all you're doing.
  11. Violent crime is homicide, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery. Even with the higher homicide rate in the US, these other countries still top the US in overall violent crime victimization.
  12. Actually more likely than not I'd be fine, thats the thing you fail to understand. Pistols arn't that easy to use effectively. A gun gives me the option to take action, I not necessarily have to use that option.
  13. From the way you're describing things, you haven't been in enough confrontations to know what you're talking about. Because people who are in the shit a few times don't base their safety on statistics. So yes, I do know.

    What does a confrontation mean to you, a shoving match? A fist fight? A knife fight? A gun fight?

    I've seen countless "confrontations" where I got out without anyone getting hurt, been in dozens of scrapes. I've been in near or a little over 20 real blood gushing fights, some of them involved knives/bats/whatever, and in some of them people were trying to kill me. I've been around when people were being shot at and I wished that I had a gun on me, and like I said just two weeks ago someone pulled a gun on me. I don't think you have ever had the gut feeling that your life was in someone else's hands, I don't like that.

    I'm sorry I don't live by statistics, I seriously doubt anyone I know would ever wish to kill me the way things are going. On the other part I confused you with someone else, sorry.
  14. So now its not how many confrontations but the "types" now.

    so of these 20 real blood gushing (lol, it aint hard to have a lot of blood everywhere so this needs to be defined even further<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> ) all of those were out of your control and un avoidable? So people are carrying around knives/bats/whatever and looking for fights everywhere around where you live? And in over 20 instances you couldnt avoid it...? I find that very hard to believe.

    so basically, your a gun nut gang banger that hangs aroudn all the "tough" places?

    or your full of shit.

    As for "types" shoving matchs, I dont shove, if it comes to that I either run or its a fight. Fist fights of all sorts, bottles, and whatever is lying around. knifes, never any guns. I have been shot at with a air rifle before.

    sounds like your just a stupid young hothead. which I used to be.

    "I don't think you have ever had the gut feeling that your life was in someone else's hands, I don't like that."
    Really? so what are these situations you've been in that are like that? the guy that drove by and ponited the gun at you? see, I dont really count that.

    your trying to prepare yourself for situations that you cant prepare for. It's a waste of time and can make things worse. You have your gun, what are you going to do with it? pull it out and start an even more heated confrontation? Start shooting? I spose you dont miss.
  15. Go show me the definitions then.

    Per 100,000
    Homicide and related offences 7.5
    Murder 1.8
    Attempted Murder 4.3
    Manslaughter 0.4
    Driving causing death 1.0

    "homicide and related offenses"
    Offences in this division are classified into the following subdivisions:

    011 Murder
    012 Conspiracies and Attempts to Murder
    013 Manslaughter and Driving Causing Death

    Killing on provocation
    Killing an unborn child
    Accelerating death
    Where injury or death might be prevented by proper precaution
    Death caused by an act or omission during surgical or medical treatment

    This also inlcudes assisting in sucides, illegal abortions.
    Agreement to solicit the killing of somone
    Killing somone as a result of a careless, reckless, negligent, unlawful or dangerous act.
  16. US definition:
    Homicide as defined here includes murder and nonnegligent manslaughter which is the willful killing of one human being by another. The general analyses excluded deaths caused by negligence, suicide, or accident; justifiable homicides; and attempts to murder.

    wtf, and the wankers have locked people from outside the US from viewing the site.....
  17. Where the hell did you get that, I assumed we were talking about real fights here. Then you started talking about a confrontation like it was two pussies yelling at each other. That doesn't mean dick.

    Blood gushing, like I got cut, hit or choked hard enough to bleed profusely. No, not all of them were unavoidable but many were. Who the hell said anything about not being able to avoid it? When six people roll out of a suburban and you're on foot how do you avoid that. When some guy jumps you behind a movie theater and starts choking you to death, how do you avoid that? You find it hard to believe that I got in + or - 20 fights, but you're claiming 50...way to go skipper.

    Thats it, label me you #$%#ing twit. I used to live in 5th Ward, the worst area in these parts. Then I moved here to the suburbs, which isn't that bad but I still get in shit every once in a while.

    Yeah right, just admit it - like 40 of those 50 times you ran.

    blah blah blah

    You don't see that if someone has a gun trained on you your existance is basically up to him? What a #$%#in joke you are. What does it take, being kidnapped by a terrorist? And I was referring to situations like that guy with the gun, but more to the time I was being choked to death. The only reason I'm not dead is because after the capilaries in my eyes popped I grabbed his balls and squeezed.

    You can't prepare for these situations huh, is that why police carry guns? You're right, the millions of times a year that guns are drawn and ARN'T fired yet deter crime from happening mean nothing. If a gun gets drawn you assume I'm gonna fire it, what kind of block head are you? Your experience as a party jumping druggy who by all means has never been in a situation where someone was trying to murder him speaks more wisdom than the facts.

    You absolutely just let this kind of stuff fly over your head. Maybe it was the drugs, or did that air rifle knock some sense out of you?
  18. Yes. I posted how many of those there are in the US by year (up to 2001) earlier.
  19. The chances of that happening are very slim.

    Most burgluars dont want any contact with people. Very rarely will you ever hear "X was allegedly robbing the house when he spotted the owner and shot him". Usually a man would rather run than kill some stranger.
  20. agree
  21. "Then you started talking about a confrontation like it was two pussies yelling at each other."
    I did? where? you asked about confrontations I said over 50.

    "You find it hard to believe that I got in + or - 20 fights, but you're claiming 50...way to go skipper."
    Is that what I said is it? no. I said I find it hard to belive that you got into 20+ fights that were unavoidable, thats a big difference.

    "You don't see that if someone has a gun trained on you your existance is basically up to him? What a #$%#in joke you are."
    And how is me having a gun going to make any difference. If I eneded up kidnapped by terrorists I still wouldnt carry around weapons. Otherwise they win because they have made me affraid just like you are, and I have admited I used to be.

    So this guy that chocked you was just some random dude waiting around. you didnt know him? you werent in some rival "gang"? What were you doing behind a movie theatre on your own? Now as I recall you dont drink, so that discounts going there for a nap on the way home.

    6 random guys you've never seen before rolled up in a car jumped out and started to bash you?

    "You can't prepare for these situations huh, is that why police carry guns?"
    There are a million things that can happen. The BIG BIG BIG difference between the police and civilian is, in nearlly all the cases they are not under the influence of anything. They have someone there backing them up and they now what they are looking for, ALSO they are police and that means people will "usually" be a bit more carefull because they dont want to get into more trouble.

    You continue to prove that your scared. its fear that makes you want to carry weapons. You can walk down the street carrying your gun looking sideways at everyone, watching everyones movements, and claim your not scared, fair enough.

    But hopefully one day you'll relise its a waste of time and energy.
  22. Yes automatic guns should be allowed if there are proper background checks before the purchase.It is an efficient way to reduce criminality.
    The problem is criminals. There are lot of gun fanatics and owners in the us and I think they should be allowed to buy an auto.The Clinton Assault Weapon ban was useless.Plus criminals are getting more violent and unpredictable that is why I think that automatic weapons should be legal.
  23. Yeah, and you said over 50, do you think that the realization that you need a gun comes about when two guys are yelling at each other? Hell no. When you have to run away? Nope.

    Who the hell ever said anything about being avoidable, infact probably 9-11 of those were avoidable somehow. But that wasn't an initial condition.

    If you know how to use a pistol it makes a BIG difference, it can be the difference between life and death. I saw what that guy was doing digging in his back seat, if I'd of had a gun it would of already been out by the time he looked back up so hopefully he'd be smart enough to end it there. That seriously made me laugh, if you were around terrorists you wouldn't carry a gun because it means your're scared? What kind of #$%#ed up people taught you that? I am afraid, meaning I'm concerned with my safety, its rediculous that you think thats a bad thing.

    I'm not in any #$%#ing gang, what do you think I am, 14? Some guy was waiting behind a theater, jumped out and had me by the throat. I was walking home, that was the shortest way.

    Actually yes, 6 guys that I had never seen before in my life rolled out of a suburban. I was there with my best friend and we all went at it.

    Yeah, and if you're prepared you can handle most of those million things. What? Since I don't do any kind of drug I wouldn't be under any influence either. Many times there is no one backing them up, and what does it matter that they're looking for? People "usually" care more about living than going to jail.

    No no no no NO. I don't live in fear and I'm not scared. And how did I "prove" anything? You're lack of experience/lack of living here continues to prove that you're talking out of your ass. I'm concerned for my safety, which is partially what afraid means. So you can say I'm afraid, but not living in fear or scared. Now why don't you explain why that is a bad thing? I do look sideways at certain people, because they're more likely to try stuff. Why is that bad? You telling me you run through life without any care? If you tell me you're doing anything different chances are that you're a lying piece of shit.
  24. I am ok with most "gun fanatics" owning machine guns. All of them I have met have been respectful of firearms. However on a supply and demand side I don't like the idea of machine guns or SMGs becomming more common. Their use in crime will only increase. Plus home defensewise it is tough to beat a shotgun.
  25. I wouldnt call the shotgun the ideal defensive weapon.

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