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    I haven't been too fond of ferrari concept sketches these days. Back before the enzo was produced, it was dissappointing to me to see the sketches represent the lines so poorly (some know-it-all is now probably gonna tell me that concept sketches are supposed to be skewed and unrealistic). But what I mean is that the lines weren't really credible... the sketch didn't trick me into thinking those porportions were real (as it's supposed to, realistic or not). Here's the best example:

    It looks like the nose is turned toward me... it shouldn't. The colors, texture, and brushwork are executed professionally, though.
    Here's one I think they did right:

    See what I mean? It's definately unrealistic, but the drawing tricks you into thinking the shape is plausible. The sketch of this p4 is the same way. The lines are completely believeable, even though they are exaggerated. This is an excellent sketch. It does justice to the old 330, and to the upcomming car that it represents, no doubt.
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  3. Well I mean most sketches are sketches. Rarely are they ever done to isometric dimensions.
  4. Only they actually did make that birdcage...
  5. #$%#ing expencive!!!
  6. very expencive for being a scetch anyway!
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    Just so you know, the sketch we have is done by an independant artist who doesn't work for Ferrari or Pininfarina. The real car isn't even completed yet.

  8. That's actually what I was getting at, my thoughts just wander if I spend too much time typing as I'm talking to someone else. I would assume if the car had already been built, this news would be really old and there would be more than a concept sketch to represent the car in this website. This is essentially a comparison between the enzo sketch and the 612p4 sketch.
  9. i like ferraris

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