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  1. Ok, we suck up to our gfs and agree with them that some chicks on the streets are real sluts.

    But lets admit it, they are sometimes eye candies.

    So if God were to ask you: Would you like the world to have 0 Sluts?

  2. most of you expect pics don't you?
  3. definatly eye candy
  4. Sluts makes planet Earth rotate.
  5. Anyone got pics? I'm too #$%#azy.
  6. Some of the best eye candy I've seen were of the non-slut variety. I could live in a world without them and their skanalouz ways for sure.
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  8. *definitely
  9. I'm almost willing to bet you didn't get through that with a straight face.
  10. Sluts actually offend me, I deny them the attention they seek. I would love a world without them.
  11. Don't lie.
  12. I care about young beautiful women and strive to see them showcase the integrity that they are capable of.

    And to ensure that, all high school sleepovers with my daughter and her friends will be at our house.
  13. after you put the pool in of coarse.
  14. brb making a daughter
  15. Feminists love sluts. They're "liberated women".
  17. Paris Hilton is not a slut, she is a whore. Different classification altogether.
  18. A slut is an odd vampire-like creature that lives off penises. They prey on the penises of young boys as well as old men. They do this by tricking the man (or boy) into beleiving they would like to engage in sexual intercourse. After they have the man naked, they strike, usually swallowing the penis whole.
  19. Touche.
  20. they're just girls that know what they want.
  21. thats good.
  22. yes
  23. Q: What's the first thing a woman does after she checks out of a battered women's shelter?

    A: The dishes, if she knows what's good for her.
  24. If no one is a slut, everyone is.

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