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  1. not getting on my high horse and i get your point too. but emuparadise has been around forever, you can get everything there or through torrents. on your phone its better to only play rpgs and pokemon stuff. but i have controllers for my computer. i can play upscaled everything from the past. i can play 1080p gamecube games.

    emulation is pretty sweet now
  2. I forgot to post about it. But we got 9ur NES classic. It is an emulator. But it's still very fun. 600 games. No saves. Which in a way is awesome.
  3. i want saves, and i want gameshark
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  4. Gameshark is for suckers. Game Genie ftw.
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  5. I want saves too, so I can play whenever I can (never)
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  6. For the most part it doesn't effect the game at all. It's only games like Zelda and such that make me wish for saves. But for most of the games it really doesn't make any difference as most original nintendo games are designed in the arcade style.
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  7. but a link to the past is the best game ever?
  8. All the link/Zelda games rank in my favorites list up until ocarina of time. Because I haven't played any of the newer ones.

    And I'm not 100% sure if you were asking if that's what I think, or if you were trying to make a statement in form of a retrial question
  9. both.
  10. *rhetorical question* stupid auto correct.

    Anyways. I agree. Link to the past is awesome.

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