So fast, but not enough for 1300 h/p

Discussion in '2001 Lotec Sirius' started by TOOORQUEOUS, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. Retarded
  2. They are most likely low balling the top speed.
  5. You're the stupidest one of all. Ugh, n00bs.
  6. seriously, loled
  7. Hahaha best/worst thread ever. The best post of all!
  8. I think you're onto something. I'd like to see you follow up. You must be an engineer because I think you're the only person here posting something that makes sense. Which supercharger would be optimum for this vehicle? Any input on that?
  9. You cant be Sirius
  10. this car is soooooo fast.

    but the bloke is right, with 1300 hp this car should be the fastest in the world.

    just put 1300 hp in a carrera gt with an enormous wing and that would be a good car.

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