So I saw Jeff Lynne's ELO last night

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  1. And I was already knackered because of the bachelor party of my sister's soon-to-be-husband the day before that (which was also tons of awesome all crammed in one day) but anyway, I don't want to wander off:

    First of all it was my first ever concert where I went to together with my father, with ELO being one of the bands we have in common, a perfect opportunity. When we arrived in Amsterdam (it was held in the Ziggo Dome, awesome sound quality srsly) at Bijlmer-ArenA metro, the Amsterdam ArenA area had thousands of Ajax fans there. The mood seemed good, so I assumed they won (4-0 against Twente, **** yeah) and my dad, who hates anything football related, actually had a hilarious time among the drunkies of our capital city. Then we had burgers and went to this gig then.

    Opener was The Feeling. Apparently a band from Suffolk (UK) and well, to us Dutch that should have given us enough of a hint. They were indeed suf volk (dull people). Nothing was wrong with it, but they just lacked that edge to make things great. The singing was good, no mistakes on instruments, they had the loony bass player walking to the drummer sometimes to look interesting (because seriously, it wasn't complicated what they were playing), the singer/guitarist who didn't feel like introducing us to who the other guys were. Not a very nice face anyway, I shudder the thought of having to share a tour van with him.

    Anyway, on the other hand, it was great background music to go up and down the halls a few times to grab new pints, when coming back there's absolutely no feeling you missed anything.

    And then ELO started. It was awesome. Really everything about it. Sure, my favourite song wasn't played (Ticket To The Moon), but it was a nice mix of a few songs of his last album and then mostly classics. The modus of the age of the audience was about 55-60 I reckon. But it was good, as was the atmosphere. The lights. The sound. Really had a blast.

    A bit tipsy we left the Ziggo Dome from some coffee and my dad had to piss, me too, but things were getting a bit late and we had to make it to the metro to Duivendrecht to catch the train back to Hilversum where the car was parked. Right when, with 3 minutes to go, I found a reasonably secluded spot in Duivendrecht to have a piss, I realized my dad probably forgot to check in (our public transport system) again, so I shout through the building "did you check in?!" "what's that!?" "did you hold your card against that thing?" "where is that thing!?", so I cancelled my piss and ran through the station to help him and then we went home. I think he pissed at the roadside and I did against a diesel generator in Hilversum eventually. There's a huge gap in the market for portable toilets right outside train stations (investment tip!).

    Then, when I was almost home, he suddenly asks "did I also need to check out?". U-turn! Parked the car half a km from the entrance and he genuinely enjoyed me climbing the fence just to save 5 minutes. And then I finally got home after that and went to bed.

    As you can tell, only a minority of this story actually was about ELO, but much more about the great time I had with my dad. We're really good friends, but it's unusual we do things like this together, so I'm really gonna mark this as one of my happier days :)

    tl;dr Have a fun with your parents, it really is fun
  2. Wait, train stations in Europe don't have public toilets?
  3. Yeah there are, but they have a bad rep and more often than not they charge you €0.50 (about US$400) for it

    edit: but ok, seriously, I had to piss and using a toilet or urinal honestly didn't cross my mind at any one point
  4. I only ask because here the train is the toilet
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  5. Genuinely jealous. I'd love to see ELO.
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  6. I should be ashamed, but i've never heard of ELO before.

    And yes, public toilets in the Netherlands are horrible. I don't get why there are so few of them and those that exist are of poor quality. I mean wtf, last november i was in taiwan, not exactly a developed country and there were public toilets EVERYWHERE and of really good quality too. And free! Every metro station, every park, every mall, everywhere! And here in the Netherlands you struggle to find one.
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  7. Taiwan is pretty developed.
  8. Time to educate some pigs
    this one you know
    this one matters imho
  9. "educate pigs" will always be a funny expression
  10. Riiight, yeah i know the first one. Didn't know that was ELO. I dig that.
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  11. ELO are pretty good. They're one of the few somewhat-known artists who frequent Israel. Never went to see them, though.
  12. TLDR is right, MooseQuad.

    my dad joined me for Ozzfest '99, and that was the last time. at least now i know he has a vague appreciation for Rob Zombie. that's probably an accomplishment for someone who was big into Blood, Sweat & Tears.
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  13. I just had a look at the line-up for '99 Ozzfest and the main stage acts are just massive, I envy you, both of you, haha. I was at the 2002 edition of Ozzfest myself with mates, had a great time, but damn, never got to see Deftones or SOAD live, though only the latter's really on my watchlist nowadays when I have the opportunity. May drag the old man along for that, I know he thinks Serj is cool, haha.
  14. I saw Deftones at Nottingham's Rock City. It was a good gig.
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  15. I used to be really into them, but anything they released after White Pony I had trouble getting into. Did get Minerva but just couldn't get into it. They're recently released Gore album has potential to become a psycho classic of mine, though.

    edit: their, you esl shit, haha
  16. I was also at Ozzfest 99. The lineup that year was amazing.
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