Styling: Ferrari supercars

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  1. Styling: Ferrari supercar designs

    Pick the best looking design in your opinion. And also please name your least favorite design among this group.

    To me it's almost a tie between F40 and 250 GTO for the most beautiful. After looking at pictures of both cars for a little while, and going back to memories of seeing both cars in real life, I voted for F40.

    My least favorite design in this group is the Enzo.
  2. 250 GTO is the best looking, the F50 is my favorite technically.
  3. 250/f40

    P4/5 is not a ferrari
  4. Out of those F50 and 288 GTO but if I can choose out of all the Ferrari's ever I'd have to go with the 250 GT Lusso.

    The new LF looks disgusting
  5. If we're gonna go any Ferrari, I think the 275 GTB/4 and 250 LM both look better than the 250 GTO.
  6. F50, and F50 GT if I was being more specific

    The 250s belong in a different category IMO
  7. 250 GTO.
  8. I voted for the P4/5 but it really doesn't belong in this poll. I should've voted for the F40.
  11. 288
    homologation 80s ftw
  12. 250 GTO shouldn't be on this list.

  13. Agreed, styling wise there's a lot more interesting 250 variants.
  14. P4/5 is an epic win in the styling department.
  15. that and it was never intended as a road car. it was/is a racing model. the 288 GTO would have been a homologation car if groupe b had existed.
  16. hooley dooley that's a car.
  17. I can't decide between F40 and F50.
    F40 looks more outrageous and raw.
    F50 to me is the quintessential 90's supercar.
    I dunno.
  18. 288. The 80s did something to italy. You can see it in the 288, tache, 037, and detomaso. It was something wonderful that I think, at least at lambo, endures. What a style, and yeah I think it was born of the mad rules of FIA and WRC had in those days. Days of glory and fire.
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  20. I have a very soft spot for the 458 Italia, but out of these options the 250 gto and 288 gto are the best closely followed by the F40. Then LaFerrari, Enzo, F50, P4/5 and Bolide, in that order.

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