suitable for le mans??

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by europerule, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. there are already rumours about an upcoming gt version..
    do you guys think this car can keep up for a 24 hour race? will it become a legend the size of mclaren f1 or gt40??
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    Im sure it could keep it up for 24 hours but im pretty sure that some new rules restrict the enzo from being in a LM event, im sure prety sure that a few years after the mclaren that new rules got passsed that make it impossible for the enzo to race...i think

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    You are correct. When the McLaren raced in the LeMans 24 Hours it was going through hard times, and the rules were very open. Once it started to do great again the rules changed. Without LOTS of changes the Enzo Ferrari would not be eligable to race as the F1 did. The FIA changed LOTS of rules, even the engine rule rescricts cars in that class to like 3.5 liter engines. The Enzo Ferrari engine is a 6.0 liter engine, way to big for the top class at LeMans. :-(
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    Well maby the could put the engine through a compresser and make it smaller because i said so beacause im cool...the enzo is stupid tho, a pice of cake is %#@$ that take tha #%$ act of %#@$, suck my dick its %#@$ #%$

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    IF this could go into LeMans, the other cars there would smoke it. Those cars are completely tuned for it. Perfect handling, brakes, power/weight, and everything else. The Enzo would be lucky to clinch 18th place.

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    Well it is a road car, so IF they could make it eligable it would have to be in the GTS class or something, but that won't happen. They are to rare. When the McLaren raced the rules were different. The top class was basically crap. F1's, Viper's cars like that. Not "real" race cars. But the FIA realized this and totally revamped the rules, which makes for better racing, but no more small private teams becuase the expense skyrocketed.
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    I think those new rules are good, but they make it impossible for guys like us to get into Le Mans racing. Cause now you need massive amounts of money. Oh Btw, you never told me how old you are.
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    make it...
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    ok, and what about FIA GT then?
    wouldn't it be great to see it race vipers, listers,porsches,...?
    I think this could be quite possible, considering the black enzo gt1 that is being tested. or is this for a different reason?
    thanks for the replys guys!

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    That black Enzo Ferrari was a tire test mule being used by Maserati. They wanted to test tires for their (possible) upcoming GT race car and they needed a car with the power of the Enzo Ferrari. The reason it had that damn wing on it was simply becasue a GT race car would, and they needed to use one for the tire test.

    Ferrari would never make a Enzo Ferrari GT race car because they JUST came out with the 575 GTC race car like 2 months ago.
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    That couldn't happen, as of this year, the GTS cars were beating the DP cars, because these $150K cars were beating some $1.2 million dollar cars they eleminated the GTS class, just for being a fast car that beat the higher class.

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    That was Grand American (if thats even true, I haven't heard anything about the class drop?), I am talking about LeMans. GTS is alive and very well in LeMans, believe me.

    Ferrari JUST made the 575 GTC to compete in it becuase Prodrive did so great.
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    I think that if the rules allowed for it, the Enzo would do okay in Le Mans, it just needs to be modded, even though it basically is completly modded...

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    IF there was a class for it, it would kick ass. But there isn't and won't be. :-(
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    Yes that did happen in Grand-am, the grand am GTS seemed to be faster than the Lemans, they didn't look like the body style of the car, like the lemans do, like if you had a mustang it wouldn't look like that at all, it would be a custom body. I think the just should hav limited their HP from 750hp to like 650hp or so, because the DP were running around 800HP. I'm not so up to lemans as i am to the Grand-am
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    so, if I get all this right, there isn't really a class where supercars like this one can compete??
    time for someone to put up a supercar world championship..
    carrera GT's, enzo's, zonda's, koeniggsegs, spykers,... all racing on the best tracks of the world (nurburgring, spa,...)

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    Yeah thats right, as of now there really isn't a class where they fit right in.
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    I just saw that someone posed about the same question for the bugatti veyron, and there, people were convinced it could be transformed into a le mans winner
    how come is that.....?
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