Discussion in '2001 Nissan Nails Concept' started by ivan man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. looks like a midget<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: sweet

    this looks really crazy! if it had about 95 more HP (at least) it would rock!<!-- Signature -->
  3. Re: sweet

    it's actually pretty interesting, it's good to see that there's other people who like change
  4. Re: sweet

    my tercel could rock this things world. it cool to see nissan stretching its design arms but come on, a 4 speed auto and 105 hp wont cut it in a truck world. i also have 02 dakota ext. cab with a v-8 and 4 wheel drive that could beat this thing and towing my tercel at the same time. if ur gonna make a truck, make a real truck.

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