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  1. that's gourangdebanzi
  2. Porsche addict:

    Still no find "Dutchland" from baidu search engine, you think happy joke steal donkey laughter but I is not fall for this.


    So I shourld be like America person, eat more wendy and not even know where China is? No thank you.


    Why you and w00t is post this picture of ugly woman every time I say something? Is quite make less sense.


    Suck my fat tits, no resemblance happen.
  3. No tell new America person who ugly gweilo woman is, maybe.
  4. the guy hasn't been posting since months
  5. u scared him away
  6. I blame myself for that.

    Oh well, he was a bit boring anyway.
  7. Everyone is at the start
  8. He was piece of shit anyways
  9. I remember him
  10. AS are you my turkish friend
  11. I am not your Turkish Friend, you #$%#ing idiotic hammerhead brainless sob
  12. He seemed like a nice guy.
  13. Didn't realize Sankt Cloud, MN was a real place. Is everyone there watching How I met your mother and rooting for Marshall all of the time?

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