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  1. My taxes went up $32! These communist scumbags are bleeding me dry! Etc., etc.
  2. time to rise up and overthrow this oppresive government regime!
    everyone get your guns!
  3. Are you part of the 1%?
  4. And everyone who disagrees can git out
  5. just fUcking shoot them limpwristed leftist liberals!
  6. Today is $32, tommorrow $500 and in some time you have to escape out of your country in some improvised boat made out of a 50 year old car with another 17 people that also used to make stupid posts in some on-line forum.

  7. Your biography?
  8. Shut it communist.
  9. yeah, well im a sovereign nation so i dont gotta pay no taxes!
  10. lol @ 50$

    lol @ raging American right wing pundits

    lol @ no healthcare
  11. +

    lol @ nigger president
  12. "Income tax" in the US did not exist until the 1860's when it was used to fund the US Civil War.. It was meant to be temporary.. they just never gave it up, then "ratified" the 16th Amendment of the US Constitution (1913, 100th anniversary, yay) so they could collect taxes as they see fit, with no apportionment, and tax any income, except those they specifically exempt etc.
  13. ok
  14. "And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed."

    - Luke 2:1
  15. Ahhh the Roman Empire. Nothing like tax farmers wringing every "cent" they could out of the people. We are not there yet. The high taxation on agricultural land is actually believed to have aided in the fall of the Roman Empire (taxed it out of cultivation, too expensive to farm).

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