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  1. now hopefully people will stop posting and flaming over this
  2. What is this?
  3. stupid me.. i should've put it here when i received it from a friend of mine in uk, +/- 2 weekss ago
  4. ...just another ferrari...
  5. There is an Enzo that is going through a complete body makeover by Pinin for an avid Ferrari fan. Its going to resembe a P4 , to my understanding. Few people have seen the design for it as it is top seceret yet everyone and their mothers are posting artist renderings and saying that it is what it will look like... it might i dont know. When are they going to reveal this anyways... i hope it looks great!
  6. yes shame on you
  7. yes, shame on you
  8. it better look good
  9. had it before they did... not that it makes much difference.
  10. completely irrelevant since none of them are official yet anyways.

    UCP hasn't posted anything yet because we DO have official pics, but restricted from posting them til it's released in August, or the owner says otherwise.
  11. Most likely Pininfarina will release the shots. But that is a guess.
  12. Why OVER $2,000,000?
  13. Now let us masturbate.
  14. lol @ the whole design!|

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