The AOL/AIM message

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ssa rM, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. You've probably gotten this shit, and let me tell you, its fake.

    Because of our overloading of our servers, we are being forced to extract our non-active AIM users. Because this is a free service, AOL has exceeded the budget for the AIM service. We are asking that you send this exact message to 20 other AIM users to ensure us that you're an active AIM user. Our system tracking devise will pick up this message to keep you on our active list. You have 72 hours to complete this task or your service will be cancelled immediately. Starting January 1st, 2005, we will be charging a small fee for registering of a screen name for AIM. Thank you for your time and for using AOL or AIM.

    Its FAKE damnit.

    They spelled "devise" wrong, not to mention its illegal to trace messages.

  2. sounds like chain mail to me
  3. yah its obviously a fake. they say send this to 20 other people, kind of a giveaway. if anyone does that they are a complete moron and should be shot.
  4. I've gotten like 12 of them already
  5. Will938: 1. How would they know who you send messages to?
    2. What if you didn't have 20 people on your list?
    3. Why wouldn't they announce it on their site?
    4. My girlfriend called me twig boy :-(.
  6. no crap. if they were inactive, they wouldnt be online. if they arent online, how would i send them the messege

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