The cat's out of the bag

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  1. At I was:

    CorollaRacer during various points in time
    the one controlling Stewacides account about a week back
    My brother posts on here under the name longliveGM
    numerous second accounts including AmericanFreedom, Gillete Corporation (blitz will remember this).
    I rigged the BOTSCM a few times to get the outcome I wanted
  2. if it's history

    accounts I was/am (for as far as I can remember):
    Amy M3
    Opposite Guy
    Tantrum V
    The Granddad (during the peak of the dimmer switch days)

    Then some revelations of which I'm sure most people know them already anyway:
    - I did not kill the pigeons, they both died an unusual natural death on my balcony. One choked on a seed and the other got squashed between the wall and his mother in his sleep.
    - Together with Pinin in the indie forums, we were the first to master the skill of v3'ing
    - MooSquad comes from my bandname. Back when I signed up I sung and played guitar. A couple of weeks later it was quits due to drama lol. Afterwards I would've wanted to have my very first bandname: InsertCoin.
    - I've slept with Veyronman lol

    I have to think of more things, bbl
  3. oh another good one:

    When V3 first came out and you could change thread titles, i'm the one that changed the admin's welcome sticky thread in the american car forum to "Anti-GM forum", it pissed off quite a few people.
  4. In late January 2006 I left this website due to family drama. I was not too far from killing my dad, and to control myself I thought it was better to stay the hell away from him. I went to Zeeland, Belgium, etc. After 2-3 weeks I came back home, and didn't really feel like posting ever again. Then Veyronman called me up, and we talked for hours and it was quite costly for him (I'll make it up with keg mate!), but he convinced me to return =)
  5. I have a second account, its name is...
  6. ...shhh, don't tell.
  7. I have a 2nd account i use from time to time, but its not a major one anyone would know

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