the GT40 was better

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    does anyone know how rare a ZL1 engine outa these babies were? developing the technology used today against what was used then, then think of the power. does anyone know where i could find me one?
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    "Pantera, 1975 was its best year"
    Think so? Check out a 1985 Pantera GTS. 350-hp (more than the 1970's cars-most are tweaked today, and you usually don't see 'em with less than 400hp), fat rubber, spoilers, 180mph easy.
    Though, the better '70's cars were not far off in performance, and much better priced. You can still find 1970's Pantera's today for as little as $25,000. The 1980's cars stickered at $85,000-plus, God knows what they cost now.

    The GT40? Masterpiece. Untouchable. Would need pay no mind to the 'Vette.
    The man is right that said a million can buy you a GT40 MkII, if your luck is good. Maybe even a Mk IV. Lee Holman will build you a 100% authentic continuation MK II for $500,000 or so.
    The Mk I's don't cost that much, unless the car in question is a particularly historic one.

    Back to the L88. I am not a Chevy, or Corvette fan. But the L88 has to be one of the cars that put the "super" in supercar.
    This car was/is great! One of the better looking Vette's, too.
    In it's day, way less than a GT40, though today it's rarity probably puts it in the ozone price wise.

    It weighed about 1,100 lbs more than a Cobra, though. So it probably was in the same ballpark as a 427 S/C performance-wise. But, it was in a similar price range in the 1960's as well. Good deal for a supercar.
    Anybody that wouldn't at least want to drive one of these should just hop in their Beetle and go home!
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    if i had to pick one i'd probably take the GT40
    its faster and better looking
    but face the facts you're never going to get to buy either
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    i agree with the statement about the pantera very reliable cars they were ... but not really elvis pressly had one it didn't start so he shot it
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    whoa whoa the gt40 WAS better? no its still better than the vette jeez
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    You cant include kit cars in this comparison test . Only the GT40 Mark 3 was streetable . They only could sell 8 so they made 7 and had a hard time getting rid of them . In a straight line which is what street races are done on this car would win .
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    i personally like both ,but the 68 vette that i own may not be an original #'s matching car, but does have a factory spec L88 427,which i would choose over the GT40 any day , and would love to blow the doors off of. (oo oo) , thats all you would see.
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    To look rich and to say you have a GT40
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    Oh, and you can just walk out the door and find a L-88. LOL Good luck man!
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    This car shouldnt be compared to a GT40
    This car isnt a purpose built Le mans racer

    instead of dissing each other band together and fight ryce.

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