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    Most likely a vapor project, but a real life Batmobile, starting at the cheap price of just $1,200,000.00.

    Manufactured by Shadow Hawk, a relatively young company, the vehicles are designed to "match the advances of military aircraft." The words governing the creation of these vehicles are, according to vice president Scott Richards, "best," "dominant," "high-end sports cars while concurrently building a vehicle that excels in any terrain." But enough BS...

    Aiming to manufacture only 12 units a year, Shadow Hawk will be offering no less than 6 variations of the vehicle: Steel Hawk, Street Hawk, Terra Hawk, Desert Hawk, Armor Hawk and Battle Hawk. All, based on some basic features and all different.

    Powering the Hawks will be a diesel engine developing a heart stopping 1,100 horsepower (all types of engines can be fitted into the vehicles), paired with a

    Street Hawk
    Spider Drive capable of handling 2,500 foot pounds of engine torque. A special four-clutch system, controlled by an electronic control system called Indi Trac will relay all that engine power to the Spider Drive.

    The Hawks will also share the same body, a monocoque made of titanium, because it is the best ballistic base material to composite from. According to the company, the Hawk will be the first vehicle in history to use a full titanium monocoque.

    Terra Hawk
    The Hawks will also share the same technologies: daylight cameras, active suspension, camber and caster control systems, driver activated ride height control and 46 inch wheel travel. On the inside, depending on the application it is ordered for, the Hawk can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Yet, several features will be common to all Hawks: massive touch screen, independent climate controls, USB data ports and laptop stations.

    Desert Hawk
    Steel Hawk will be available with a 6.6l, V8 turbo engine producing 360 horsepower and 650 foot pounds of torque. It is, if you like, the entry level of the Hawk Line.

    The Street Hawk, available with the 1,100 hp engine, will be capable of reaching 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and an estimated top speed of 208 mph.

    Terra Hawk offers a series of very unlikely features in a car, like microwave, refrigerator, and storage facilities. It also features a roof which can be raised and a pair of reclining chairs/beds.

    Desert Hawk is the sturdiest of them all, being built to withstand high temperatures, high speeds and long operation. The most useful feature of the car is the

    Hawk Interior
    system which allows it to flip back onto its wheels should it roll over. Night vision cameras, five-point harnesses, a satellite phone, an off-road lighting system, spare tire and tool kit come as standard.

    Armor Hawk comes wrapped in ceramics, titanium alloys, graphite and Kevlar. The most

    Long Wheelbase Hawk
    interesting feature is its size which, unlike its usual military peers, is not that of a Hummer, but of a Chevrolet Corvette. The vehicle comes equipped with all round cameras.

    As for the Battle Hawk, the company says it is built specifically for the military and "there is not much that can be disclosed." They did however disclose its approximate size, saying that eight Battle Hawks can be stacked and transported in a C130J-30 Hercules aircraft. The stacking part can be done because the Battle Hawk can retract its wheels.

    Shadow Hawk has not yet released any pricing information about its vehicles, nor a production schedule. They say however the vehicles are available for order and they will be built at the customer's demand and specifications.
  2. hey let me make up a stupid car with retardly unrealistic specs and hopefully the world will pay attention to meee
  3. Looks like an airport tug.
  4. I saw an Ad for that shit like a month in the Dupont Registry... so I went to their website and laughed for like 10 minutes. Then I felt sad for them.
  5. Only when the world is ending will this be good to have, but dam make it look better, whats up with the back? Gotta love the full titanium though.
  7. I wouldn't take one if it was free.
  8. best kar ever
  9. The shit will hit the fan if you get a flat tire in that crap.
  10. Lol nobody will buy this...
  11. those arenbt even real tires
  12. This has to be a joke...
  14. Vaporware. A titanium chassis? Total horseshit.
  15. I think I came up with something similar when I was twelve.
  16. I feel sad that you read Dupont Registry.
  17. I would never buy one, but I would buy two so I that they could high five each other.
  18. lol aww it's cute!
  19. lol
  20. This thing is so insane and hilarious that I hope they make it.
  22. "The most useful feature of the car is the system which allows it to flip back onto its wheels should it roll over."

  24. arabs will buy them

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