This car is an absolute joke

Discussion in '2000 Plymouth Prowler' started by nolinkage, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Who in their right mind would pay $45,000 for a CHRYSLER V-6 ?!?!?!?
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    Keep in mind this car was not built for performance... it was built for style.<!-- Signature -->
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    Wake up bro. Not all cars are coveted for pure speed. This is a great car for turning heads and just cruising around. Its a tribute to the hot-rods of old, where it was all about style and showing off your ride, not necessarily its engine. It doesn't need 600 hp or a 200 mph top speed.<!-- Signature -->
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    yes yes, style, no power, whatever. Read again what nolinkage wrote. he asked who in their right mind would pay $45,000 for a Chrysler v6. He didn't say anything about the car's target market or intentions.

    I agree with his stance. Regardless of what the car is meant for, paying $45,000 for a Chrysler v6 is quite foolish. You want style, a statement of virility, to pick up girls? For $45,000 you can be behind the wheel of a hell of a nice Corvette. And you know what, that car has an engine too!!!!!

    Screw the prowler! One can purchase a way better car which achieves the same intentions as the prowler for the same $45,000.
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    Chicks take prowlers over corvettes, numb nuts. But you wouldnt know that, would you?
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    If I really were looking into the market for modern roadsters, I'd take a Panoz AIV Roadster over this ANYDAY. But I'm not really a fan of cars like these.
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    Check the Lotus 340R, you can have that awesome work of art, funnest car ever, unbelievable handling for only $51,280 USD. Even though I don't think the car is street legal in North America that car is the "real" prowler. As for chicks taking a dude in a prowler over a dude in a corvette, who are you trying to fool Texas. Oh wait did you buy a prowler... I'm sorry man. Get a Corvette next time.
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    I would pay 45,000 dollars for this chrysler. Although it doesnt the corvettes good HP/per dollar, it sure does have it in styling.
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    Its a disgrace to hot rods rather than a tribute. Real hot rods had the looks and the power.... this just has the looks and when it comes to change the body style they will be stuck b/c they are at a dead end. and believe me they wil need to change the body style... the prowler is already boring to me. not much longer b4 others get tired of it as weell
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    neither would you b/c im sure you havent driven either
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    Out of pure curiousity, has anyone in this forum actually driven, or even ridden in one of these? After driving one, i must say that it is neither as slow nor worthless as anyone says. And trust me, 117 in this car is plenty enough! Anyway, it was built for exclusivity and attention, not performance. Trust me, the looks and comments you get from chicks and just people in general is worth the 45K. And, as you can tell, i am pretty big vette fan, and a vette could kick this car's butt, but you wont get the attention in a vette that you do in this. And somepeople dont want the attention, like me, so then we can buy vettes. Anyway, the specs dont really do justice to the actual driving experience of this car.
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    its got more hp per cube then the vette. 1.2 hp per cube compared to 1.01 hp per cube of the vette. still slower but gets better power. the vette's just got big cubes, thats all. damn thing needs a 5/6 speed manual too.

    Its more refined and style based, its not meant to be a 11 sec street car.
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    Me, I personally love the Prowler.
  14. What the hell are you guys talking about?
    This car is an

    Aight guys, listen up, I'm 17, just to get that out of the way, but dont judge quite yet, I know a good amount of crap, and I know what I'm talking about when I talk, now let me tell you this, I'm getting educated at my high school by some of the top mechanics in the nation, give you something to rate them by, 3 are master certified, 2 of which write the questions for the ASE test. Now if you dont know what that is you shouldn't be here. Alright now to the goods, one of those two owns a Prowler. Its Pearl Orange it looks like a dream. Now people dont buy these cars for performance why the hell would they its a V6, they buy it for the look. Now I know a lot of you car vette freaks, thats cool, but how many Vettes do you see EVERYDAY, now WHEN is the last time you saw a Prowler on the streets. These cars are gonna be worth a crap load in the future, give the car a chance see what happens, and if you dont think I'm serious enough he thinkin about buying a lamborghini. Aight so give the car a chance and dont judge till you get a chance to know the car
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    Why are you all saying that this car is built for looks when it obviously doesn't even look good. With a 250 hp V-6, it's not built for speed. Also, it's obviously very tall & the front track looks considerably narrower than the back, so it probably can't steer well either. You know what this car is built for? It's built for guys that have no balls & can't handle the 405 hp, 5.7 liter V-8 of a corvette Z06. Or, like Dont Mess With Texas1 pointed out, it's built for women.
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    I would rather buy this Prowler than a Corvette. Its cheaper and looks like alot more fun to drive. Plus this is something you dont see everyday and could turn heads alot more than in Corvettes.

    HP, Topspeed? I could care less....

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    This car is an absolute joke

    welll you have to have little balls in the first place to get a Z06 because you can't get any in real life, and if anybody in there right mind wouldn't even buy a piece of crap vette. Its a lame car, why dont I go get a 5G civic and then put 10G into it and I will wop your vette so fast you will have no clue what hit ya. There are way too many vettes on the road, I hope it dies just like the camaro did, and just look at the stereotypical driver of it, old, no hair, if any its white, single hot chick sittin next to him. And there was a guy that had a vette he would be so weak he wouldn't even take it to the strip or race it. All in All Vettes suck. Prowlers are bitchin.
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    This car had to grow on me. when i first saw pics of it i thought it was a joke. Then I saw one in a lot and i started to appreciate it. saw it on the road and liked it a little more. took a ride in my friends and although its not the fastest or best looking or most powerful it was still one hell of a ride. If i had the cash i would definatly buy one.
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    I'm still wondering why these guys insist on comparing a Cruiser to a Sports car.

    I agree it should have a v8, but why compare it to a corvette just because it's got the same price?

    Just because it's a car too, doesn't mean it was built for the same purpose.

    A Lincoln Town Car costs around the same as a vette, but it doesn't have nearly as much horsepower. Why am I comparing these cars when they're built for completely different purposes? Ask yourself the same question with the Prowler/Vette comparison.
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    All the people in here who are juding the car just by the specs without even driving the prowler are all completely wrong about this car, Im 17 and have a prowler as my first car and I couldnt be happier. Its got reasonable performance, great looks, and comfort. I don't know what is wrong with you people but to me this is an awesome car.
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    Oh come on! The only reason older guys buy Corvettes is because they're the only people that can afford the $50,000.00 price tag. Now how can you compare a Civic with a Corvette any way? Civics are crap! They are one of the most over rated cars, other than the Prowler, of course. The Corvette is simply in a different league than a civic. Even if were talking economy cars, I would rather get a Golf or a Cavalier than a shit Civic.
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    this is a very nice looking car. I would love to own one
  23. Hmm...since when has the way the Prowler rolls off the line been the end of the road? You don't like the performance, get your hands dirty and do something about it. Then you can have a terribly slick and unique car with a supercharger whir under the hood or a plume of nitrous coming from the fender.

    You can't say it wouldn't be awesome to eat a Corvette's lunch in a Prowler.

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