This car is for poor people only

Discussion in '2001 BMW M5' started by Osip Emiljevits Mandelstam, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. It needs a new radiator, new fuel tank, interior, Windows, door locks, paint, flooring, instruments, electrical system...
    And still it will suck.. oh I almost forgot that it's too slow for clear roads and handles badly.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: This car is for poor people only

    Hahahhaha, my god, that really does happen to be the most amusing and generally comical observation I have had the chance to partake in the literal consumption of.

    See, it really is not difficult to try and pretend to sound like some rich intellect, when really, you are most likely some middle-class brat with a severe attention seeking disorder, who enjoys arguing for the fact it means people talk to them.

    All of the items you mentioned do not need replacing, no it does not handle badly (read any roadtest to find its the best handling in its class, coupled with the fact we own one, so I know). Slow, I believe not.
    I'm not going to bait you into further discussion (as that is what you desire), but merely suggest you go and seek professional help, you Class A nutcase.

    Adios, sad boy.<!-- Signature -->
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    Thanx for b*tchin' at this idiot!! I'm still so caught up in my laughter that I can't make a comeback yet...I'll be back when I can catch my breath again.
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    Ok, I'm back. To the boy that started this post, YOU SO STUPID!!! hahahaha... still laughing.
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    hahahahahah whos is this kid trying to fool. guys dont worry its just a lil kid looking for attention and doesnt know anything about his bicycle let alone a BMW. And i would also like to know how this car is for poor people?¿?¿?¿ that just boggles the mind cuz you only see rich people drive this car, not everyone can afford 100 g's for a car. so just dont worry about these kids coming here and saying that BMW's suck cuz we all know that they are the best cars ever made so lets just leave it at that.
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    Poor people ????

    Oh my god I'm very poor cuz I can't afford this one !!!

    LOL <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    poor ppl? hmm.....mayb if ur car is like a Ferrari or somethin or like clk gtr thats $1,550,000.... yeah than mayb 2 u its for poor ppl

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