This car is #$%#in gay

Discussion in '2000 Ford Focus FR200 Concept' started by chubby, Aug 9, 2002.

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    right on...
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    Hey...i thought that focus were pretty gay up until I drove one...these little things are so much fun to drive...especially the sticks...if ford wants 2 add stuff to it...let 'em cuz they know what ther doin
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    I dunno <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I took a ZX3 for a test drive a little while ago (wasn't in the market, just wanted to try it out), and I must say, I wasn't all that impressed, in fact I was less impressed with it than I was with the New Civic SI (and although I've liked the SI until now, I wasn't very impressed with the new one at all), perhaps (and in most likelihood) the Type-R feels better than the new SI does. Don't get me wrong, both are capable handling cars, and they both have reasonable limits (understeer and "numb" steering in the SI, unstable handling, and poor weight distribution in the Focus) neither the ZX3 or the new SI really feels as good as the older SI.

    And as for performance, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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    This car is #$%#in gay

    it's no different than spending big money to make a honda as fast as a bus
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    Gee, that's funny, considering if you know what you're doing you can make a 1993 Civic SI faster than a Viper with just $20,000...(Barely faster) I dunno what kind of bus you're referring to, since a Stock, base model Civic LX is considerably faster than the fastest bus I've ever seen.

    BTW - your sig is retarded, a Stock Civic Type-R can already hang with a "'stang" on a twisty road (just about as fast as a Mustang GT in acceleration)
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    Like how you pull shuff outa your ass. Cant beat an S2000? You just make that up? You saying that this thing with over 300hp cant beat a S2000? This thing beat a Corvette dumbass not shit it could easily beat the crapy S2000. Unless the S2000 can beat a Vette.
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    this car got nothing wut da hell they think if they can but sport wing in it its gonna b so cool #$%# that its still damn ford!!!
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    Haha, you're banned.
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    He who judges a book by its cover will soon be staring at the tail lights.
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    This specific concept is AWD, not FWD, and yes, this one would beat an S2000 in the 1/4, but No production Focus will (save for the RS)
  11. Yah..this car is a suped up focus and they suc ASS
  12. If you ask me your right a s2000 could beat the fr200 only because the fr200 is a front wheel drive platform and it is a proven fact that rear wheeldrive cars are faster then front wheeldrive car. FORDS RULE!!
  13. Refer to my post two posts above this.

    This car is NOT FWD.

    And it's actually a proven fact that neither has any significant advantage over the other, it really just depends on your driving style.

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