This Car Sucks

Discussion in '2002 Lamborghini Murciélago' started by AndyDouglas, Aug 10, 2002.

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    This car sucks in comparion with?....
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    Oops! sorry
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    Even when u compare this car to the Famous Supercars like...
    Ferrari, Dodge, Porche, Jaguar, and others...
    If this car isn't still give a good race...
    The only way u can say that this car sux...
    is if it is a heap of shit compared to other cars...but its not...
    So if u wanna call this car shit...give 1 real [email protected]#in' good reason...
    either that...or SHUT UP!!!
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    Roflmao!!! I've read the other posts after the one you wrote and all. And maybe just maybe you actually own one. Your right someone must. But the fact that u need a car to get laid. LMAO. I'm sorry if you own one that's great more power to you, but please don't use a car as a dick extension. Cause that's to funny. As far as the car goes I think It rocks I like it better then the diablos. By the way are diablos stoped in production for these cars now? I don't follow Lambos that much so i don't really know.
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    um buddy i think you don't realise this but if you can afford to spend about 1/4 of a million $!!! then you sure as f*ck don't give a damn about 10Gs To poor people like u and me that might be a lot of cash to dish out for a small repair job, but the fact of the matter is this, if you own one you sure as hell ain't poor, and if your not poor then 10G is nothing to you like pocket change, so your reason for hateing is gay, and i think your gay for thinking that way.
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    D. i think theres been enough flaming in this forum, but im still compelled to reply to this ignoramus (real word <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> i want to conclude this forum by stating that 1/4 mile DOES NOT (read) mean everything in life. ever seen Getaway in Stockholm? i'll bet a high displacement drag queen wouldn't do too well on those streets....

    P.S. don't flame new members. i for one, have been reading forums here for years. i just never got around to joining. i am not a teeny bopper that worships supras and the fast and the furious
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    Chargerguy you talk alot of crap! How can you not like this car?
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    Why is ChargerGuy9 even this site, Shouldnt he be banned or something?
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    yeah, you are pretty gay if you don't like Lamborghinis. And you're REALLY gay if you like japanese cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Honestly, lambos are okay but damn why are they all the same? Most of them look the same and just about all of them have the same hp/tq and still can't reach past 205mph.

    "This is the best car ever built ever and probably will never be beaten."
    -Mclaren F1 owns ALL!
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    U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! u piece of crap

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