This is one Hell Of a Car!

Discussion in '1990 Jaguar XJR-15' started by Operation Ivy 4 Life, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. Just look at my avatar
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    I'm looking at it and it says... BANNED.
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    Doesn't go that fast.
    I mean the V8 supercars(in Australia and New Zealand)they are Holden VX Commodores and XR8 Falcons they can do those speeds.
    and I thought Jaguar was supposed to be high preformance with luxury
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    the engine is the same one found in the XJ12, this car doesn't have a true racing Jaguar engine, as found in other XJ-racing models.
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    wrong, wrong, and wrong. they were originally used in a support series for the european portion of the 1991 F1 season. The racing version came w/ a v-12 7.0 liter 725bhp engine mated to a TWR hewland 6spd. dog box. All but four were detuned for the street, One of the four I am selling on ebay right now. Search for XJR 15.
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    its not that great
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    Haha, sure does.
  8. Does anyone have some pics or more info about the XJR 14?
    I heard it was the first winning car, from the hand of Ross Brawn,
    the actual technical director of the Ferrari F1 team.
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    hi guys - trying to find links between the xjr-15 and the bmw m1 i've been told tehre are a number but can't find them

    help is appreciated

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    what are you talking about?
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    This car sucks, one of the worst handling supercars ever made!!!!
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    lol...thats funny...

    the australian v8 supercars have american engines in them , there is almost nothing australian about the cars aside from the shells, and drivers...the engines dropped into those cars, like the so called "monaro" that one the bathurst enduro and much celebrated as an australian victory for the car...had a chev 427 in it...the same CHEV 427 that will be placed in the HRT 427...those are absloutely stripped cars with almost nothing stock within them, 7.0L V8 yankee engined cars with a massive weight do the math...

    and jaguar are high performance with luxury, hell, even the modified racing trans-am versions of the XKR still have a woodgrain

    Its not all about speed...

    I cant remember who said it..."Horsepower wins fans. Torque wins races" i think it may have been Carrol Shelby.

    You want speed? the batmobile would decimate and nullify the v8 supercars...

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