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    u guyz are dumb... dont you ever talk about the cars anymore....

    have you ever noticed that they never made a corvette in 87... i think, or it could have been 84 or sumthing like that.
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    this clearly stops ALL Arguments over Chey vs Ford(Fucked On Race Day, Fix Or Repair Daily, First On Rubbish Dump)

    I mean how the hell is Ford supposed to ever compete with thew sledgehammer??? answer:...They cant

    so all debate of chevy vs ford ends here with this car.
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    your more with the cock, oh and what does ford stand for? is it found on road dead ? fix or repair daily, backwards dont ride over fifty, driver returns on foot? gt40 glued together 40 times? f-150 fits 150 mexicans?
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    I'm in. You vette guys can go have an orgasm over these numbers, but come judgement day your gonna see a GTS-R commin at ya. Mopar has always been the best and you no it! '71 HEMI 'Cuda baby!!

    Watch the Snake
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    This car sure doesn't give off the appearance that it is that fast.
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    why the interest in this car? sure it goes fast, but whats the handling like? anyone with enough money can make a car go fast, but to create a package with handling, acceleration, top speed and style takes a lot more doing. (for proof of any car going fast search on google for 200mph nova)fit any car with a high hp engine and low drag body and it will go fast.
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    No shit man. Anywaz, the Sledgehammer isn't the fastest corvette. There was the Doppellganger Slingray C-4. They were built in Nebraska in the early 90's to take the top speed record, which hey did, at 265mph. And then the record went to another corvette tuner, Obsequious Motorsport which produced the Obsequious Ball-Crusher C-4R, which was fuelled by beer. It achieved over 250mph in the forest. And who could forget the German Tününhäüsä Überschtätzenhölsteinerschnitzel who produced the unbelievable Wärvette hämmershärk C4-Shithämmers VII Ü(3)/34 Nordic Track, which was produced in the North Sea. It broke 275mph in 1997 at Bristol Motor Speedway in Alabama.

    But the fastest car currently in existence is definitely the XR 87 Harbeteuse 12 produced by Susan Sarandon Motorsports Ltd. of Canton Ohio. It is powered by a secondhand Vespa engine which has been enlarged to 16 liters displacement. It was the first streetcar to crack the coveted 293&1/4 mph barrier in a stupefying run just before dawn in an abandoned IHOP parking lot just outside of Elko Nevada in 2004. I'm pretty sure that Susan Sarandon herself drove the car to this speed.

    One thing is certain though, the top speed record for a production car will always go to a manufacturer that tunes one corvette, and the rules are slated to change in 2006 to allow Tuners to enter into top speed contention cars that they've only thought about, which should make for some REALLY high speeds.
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    King of King Lord of Lords.... 'nuff said

    The Killer

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