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  1. With colour or not....
  2. Couple of biggies I found on webshots...
  3. Your avatar sure could qualify for PASSION!!
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  5. Not the biggest shots in the world, but still awesome nonetheless.
  6. that 2nd picture is amazing
  7. random b&w italian garb-i mean, passion
  8. ?
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  10. Now THAT'S passion too. A passionate wheel! F**k drifting!
  11. What Ferrari's that??
  12. I see TR 6O in the back...but don't looks like the original.
  14. Oh... sorry then. I like rally cars(but had never seen a Volvo 850 rally car before...):p
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  16. HA, Zolder
    still great to see the Vertigo on the track, i'm glad that they keep trying
  17. my fav F1 car ever!
  18. More sharknose please!!!!

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