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  1. Is it just me or is the New Audi style kinda soft and bland. I like the new front end but the rest of the car seems toned down and softened. I like the tuf wide powerful look of the current Audis much better.
  2. for sure. i drive the b5 a4 and will be upgrading to a 2002 b6 s4 as soon as i can pay it off in full. but the new b7s are rubbish in my opinion.

    the new acura tsx/tl's are were german cars should have gone. instead bimmers and audis are making me cry.
  3. Yes to put it simply. Also giving this the DTM name when it is still so soft is rather sad. I mean look at the Merc CLK DTM that thing deserves the DTM name.
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    The looks in the front is well deserving, It has a good agresive look to it, the hight might be a lil too high, for an upgraded version, but the rear end needs a better redesign, it somewhat has the look of an Alfa Romeo 156 GTA. now that i think about it, the lateral view doesn't differ all that much, including the wheel pattern. Not sure how the Alfa looks like, here is a link.[email protected]$Alfa%[email protected]$156%20GTAx.html
  5. yah, i think its a little too fruity too
  6. Yep. Previous generation A4 is definately better looking.

    I can't say that I like the new design direction Audi is moving in, with the front bumper being divided by that huge grille.

    Maybe it'll grow on me, or it'll look much better in real life, but until then, its pretty damn ugly.
  7. I think is ugly and too flash for Audi. I mean that I liked Audi's because they were discreet, but now with that big crome front grille... they've messed it...
  8. it looks cool i think. but it has 220 hp....that's not a street version of a dtm car :p
  9. Exactly. I started drooling when I heard Audi DTM, but this car can't live up to the expectations the name creates. The Audi DTM should have been a special edition S4. Maybe call this an A4 Sport or something.
  10. No car with 220 horsepower should ever be allowed to employ the use of carbon-fiber, especially when it weighs as much as an A4. And that DTM tag is absolute blasphemy.
  11. I agree.

    Way too flashy and overdone for Audi. I loved the way Audi (VW, Lamborghini) did so much with so few lines. This one looks like your regular souped up Civic.

    Anyway, at least the mechanical components are great, that's what's important after all.
  12. good call
  13. Maybe a new rear bumber can help a lot the look of this car..
  14. First of all car has 280 hp, read in description. The 220 tuning is just entry level. Seems like no better or worse in engine compared to Lancer and WRX, they both got 280hp from turbo 2 liter. I was expecting 300hp from audi 2L Turbo, it is very possible and very realistic.
  15. yes very true but remeber how heavy this car is. even having the same power as a WRX or EVO this car is still got a significantly lower HP/tonne ratio. Meaning less performance. Also look at the lack of torque in comparison between the three cars. I dont mean to take away from this car its still great.
  16. Yeah you'r right it looks very weak, I'm disappointed in Audi. I dont see anything that reminds me of DTM in this car.
    I've given up on seeing a good DTM street version of any car. Benz disappointed me too with their CLK DTM (automatic?!). the Opel Astra DTM looked promising but it looks like it will never go into production and even if it does I heard it'll cost over 400 grand.
  17. me and everybody i know think the new A4 is awful exterior design wise compared to previous makes
  18. the dtm edition is kinda the 20AE GTI...the fact of the matter is that the B7 audi is going to have a lot of stuf going on for it besides the new to current B6 models available in the us and europe...the B7 will contain models ranging from base, sport, Ultra-Sport, and S-Line as well as S4 and sooner or Later RS4... it appears this model is going to be around so i guess we better get used to it. i personally like it much more the the B6, but thats because im a biased B5 1.8t driver...and i
  19. "First of all car has 280 hp, read in description. The 220 tuning is just entry level. Seems like no better or worse in engine compared to Lancer and WRX, they both got 280hp from turbo 2 liter. I was expecting 300hp from audi 2L Turbo, it is very possible and very realistic." ~Shuller

    RE-read the description. The car has only 220 horsepower. It does, however, have 280 Nm, a completely different power measurment.

    I agree that this car doesn't deserveit's DTM label, and it's kinda soft looking. But I'd drive it; it's nicer than my ride.

    BTW, how do you quote people on this?
  20. You have to have 50 posts before you can quote, then there'll be a "quote" button next to the reply button.

    I agree this car does not deserve the DTM tag more than Nelly deserves his money: DTM cars have 5liter V8's with up to 500hp, not a weakass 4 banger with the horsepower of a minivan and as much weight as a truck. Dont take me wrong I'm not dissing the A4, it's a great car but sticking a Deutche Touring Masters label on it just puts it down.
  21. Yes I am aware this is the "base" model tuning wise, But again look at the weight of the car. 100-300lbs is a huge weight dis-advantage when it come to cars in the same power range. Also this car has a slight lack of torque in comparison to the WRX and EVO. Especially since there is a 300HP 350-400 lb/f of torque 1999 A4 1.8T in my hometown. Which proves it is very possible to get this car to that power, especially with the new 2 litre engine. I am just saying that performance wise this car is lacking a bit and its styling is soft.
  22. I like this car. 220 hp from four-banger is respectable and the new styling looks better than the old A4. Ofcourse this is just my opinion, but looks sexy...
    BUT the DTM badge is a bad move. It's like Fiat Stilo Michael Shumacher. The car cant full the expectations raised by the name. shame. *waiting 4 the real Audi A4 DTM*
  23. this car doesnt look "racy" at all
  24. this car doesnt look "racey" at all

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