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  1. is the top speed on this tested and comfirmed, or is it still just an est.
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    i think it is tested and not comfirmed
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    Yeah theyve tested it but havent said anything yet.

    The speed on this site is an estimate, but i think ti will be able to make it.
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    i dont think it will make it to 250mph with AWD, but i want to know if it acualy did.
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    i do. i have faith in them
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    Why wouldnt it? Its got enough power.
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    its got alot of power but so much is lost in an AWD platform, there is alot more metal for the engine to spin, plus it adds whight, AWD is good for aceleration but when you get it up to speed it just slows you down, i think AWD is a 25% drive train power loss, in a 1000hp car that only gets 750hp to the ground, Vs. say a Mclaren with only 627hp gets 556hp (roughly) to the ground, that much lost in the drive trian, streached out through double the number of wheels will really slow it down, i have allready mentiond it makes it heavy, so i will be suprised if it makes it to 252mph.
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    hey Spuraman can you rate this +1 please?
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    Weight has almost nothing to do with top speed, only how long it takes for you to get there. Even if the AWD system did constitute a 25% loss in power from the engine to the wheels (it's usually more like 10-20%) I'm sure "only 750hp" would be sufficient to propel the Veyron to its claimed top speed. If anyone knows the drag coefficient and frontal area, I'll even calculate how much power it would take to reach 252 mph.
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    how would it loss horsepower if all the wheels are powered?
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    weight has alot to do with top speed, more then just getting there, the heavyer a car is the lower its top speed will be, and yes AWD dose constitute a 25% loss, i think it maybe more but lest say 25% for now, front engine rear drive cars have about a 15%-17% loss so there is no way its only 10%-20%, but as i said, it may make it to 252mph, but as of now i dont think it will.
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    its kinda hard to explain, if you know anyone that works a dyno ask them.
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    Hmmm... if they have tested it to this a lot to make
    252 mph...than why dont they confirm it and the car will be the worlds fastest?
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    The only impact of weight on top speed is in the rolling friction of the tires and wheel bearings, both of which are very small compared to aerodynamic loads. Power to overcome drag increases by the CUBE of the velocity. For example, a given car will require 4.63 times the power to maintain 100 mph as opposed to 60 mph due to aerodynamic drag alone. The same car will require 8 times the power to maintain 200 mph as opposed to 100 mph due to aerodynamic drag alone. That's 37.04 times the power to maintain 200 mph versus 60 mph. Do you want some equations?

    The highest published value I've seen for a driveline loss in a newer AWD car was 22% in an Audi A4. Sadly, I can't find the link so I have no way of proving this. Most cars are indeed in the 10-20% range.
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    It takes power to overcome the inertia of all the rotating parts (wheels, transmission shafts, drive shafts, etc). It also takes power to overcome the frictional drag between the gears (in the transmission and the differentials). Also, the interface between the clutch friction material and the steel interface surfaces (flywheel, pressure plate) isn't perfect, so a little power is lost there as well.
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    ok, so it takes more power to go 200mph then 60mph, i got that, but as impresive as your equasions are, what do they prove? and for drive trian loss on AWD cars, ive seen the S4's loss at 26% and a Peugeot's at 27%, most cars are 10%-20%, but AWD lose more then most cars.
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    there is still enough power to get it to 250mph
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    All I'm saying is that weight has FAR less impact on top speed than aerodynamic drag, then I gave an example. That's all. I never said that the Veyron COULDN'T have a 25% driveline loss (go back and read my posts again) only that the highest published figure I had seen for an AWD car was 22%, and damn, I wish I could find that link...

    If the Veyron does indeed have a 25% power loss through the drivetrain, I would imagine that it would have sufficient power to reach 252 mph. Bugatti spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel with this car. I'll see if I can find the article at home where it talks about aerodynamic "tricks" used in the design.
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    it may make it to top speed, but what im saying is i personly doubt it will, but i will wait and see, i could be wrong.
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    i don't beleive it will lose 25% of the drivetrain
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    25%? U sure? Seems a bit much
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    OK +1.

    Guys, the main thing to remember with this car is its unpredictability. All that info and facts that you guys just posted are great and all, but it COULD be totally different with this car, yet totally accurate with another car. There are always exceptions.

    In conclusion, a statement that i have been saying very much for this car, "wait and see".
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    Thank you supraman, i finnaly have some karma, but "wait and see" is what i said from the begining, if you read my post i said i doubt it will make it to 252mph, but i maybe wrong and it will, jsut wait and see.
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    it is alot, but thats why so few supercars are AWD, becuse of loss.
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