track monsters

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by mpg, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Assuming you could have other cars for road use, which would you rather have as your only track toy?
  2. GT3 RS
  3. nissan GT-R
  4. I think I'd take the Porsche.
  5. GT3 Viper RS ACR
  6. me too. even though the viper would be hard to say no to.
  7. Easily the Viper
  8. It's maybe faster then a GT3, but it's less of a track oriented monster.
  9. viper, even because no one would expect such performances from it.
  10. Have you seen it?

    GT3 for me
  11. A guy at work owns one, a brand new orange GT3RS. Each time I see it I melt.
  12. just in pics why?
  13. With all the big diffusers, wings, splitters and cooling ducts you don't excpect that kind of performance from it?
  14. GT3 RS in a heartbeat.
  15. most people could think that it is a ricer viper.
  17. Give me the riced out viper.

    I couldn't hope to win a race in a tricky to drive 911 that simply doesn't wield the power of the Viper.

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