Trucks are not as fast as cars

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    Im with aliendroid on the r!ce car disin. I know of 5 japanese cars that are worthwhile. things to hate bout r!ce cars - front drive, 1.8 to 3.5 liters, have bigger exhaust tips than mufflers, junky paintjobs, and so on. they just rnt cool. im still waitin for a moron with a twin turbo supra w/ over 40 thou in it to beat a notorious '69 camaro that he always challenges. r!ce cars rnt worth it
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    Id like to see picks of this roush f-150, ive heard of roush mustangs, even seen a few , but never a roush f-150. Ive seen one on anther cite, but didnt know if they where from the factory like the mustangs or just some custom someone put a roush sticker on.
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    I have a 100% stock that runs 13.6 @ 100. Have several time slips to prove. Still the fastest production truck ever.
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    HAHA Ill tell you--Im not a huge fan of trucks but I love this truck really. Im a huge Ford fan and a fan of almost all the companies made by for but there is no way i hell this truck stock would ever beat a SS. This car is 0-6 in 5.5 The SS will do about a second faster. Just think about it. The SS is a heavy car but not nearly as heavy as the Lightning... the HP is almost the same, the truck has much more torque and the SS has a 6 speed stick compaired to a 4 speed auto. The SS will top at so much higher than this too. Try again in 2004 when the Lightning will have a better supercharged 500hp 500torque V8 with the same 6 speed stick thats in the 2003 Mustang Cobras. Then I'll say that this truck will beat the SS and maybe the 2003 cobra MAYBE.
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    I like your statement about the NSX. It sucks ass. Ive seen a few and they arent worth near $100,000. Who the #$%# would pay that much for an ugly car like an NSX with a fricken V6!!! When they could get something like one of the fastest american cars: 2003 V10 Viper. Its just a waste. They do have great speed for a V6 but still arent fast.
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    Ok smart guy you sure know what your talking about. Twice as much torque as any vette or mustang? Even though the Z06 have 400torque and this truck has 440? And the Mustang Cobra has 390torque. Oh wait am i forgeting the Mustang Saleen SR with 500torque? Or even the Mustang Boss with 790torque?
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    There is no way in hell this truck handles anywhere near the Z06. And screw the Ram its gets smoked so fast compaired to this car.
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    I really have to agree with know what you're talkin about bro...and whoever started this're an ignorant fool for denying the quality and true muscle of the new age sport trucks. If you happen to keep up to date with the upcoming vehicles you'd know that the new 2004 Ford Lightning will have a (and this is there new technology/nos alternative) SuperCooled 5.4 Liter SuperCharged V8 pumpin some massive 500 horse/500 Ft/Lbs Torque. So I suggest you take back your ignorant comment cuz this baby will kill you're average car and compete with supercars...
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    maybe it wasent the actual torque but how much it FEELS like it has.
    take a mod supra turbo some have 800 lbs/ft. but at 5500 rpm but a ligning w/ 450 at 3250 will feel like a hole lot more
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    yeah fools
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    I don't think ANY of you understood his post, or maybe I don't. But the title is "Trucks are not as fast as cars" and then in the post he says "NOT" which means he's being sarcastic. He was not saying that trucks are slow. For those of you still confused "Oh yeah trucks are reeeaaallllyy slllooowwww", naw? Well maybe some of you will get it.
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    For one, this truck stock can beat any Z28 stock, plain and simple. Secondly, this truck would make a mockery of any Z28 at high altitudes where the air is thin because of the forced induction. So rule out the "some" possibility.

    This is not the first time trucks have gone through their fast phase. There were smaller truck wars between the American hard hitters Ford, Dodge, GM back in the 60's and even earlier than that, the trend just wasn't as popular as racing muscle cars, just like today.

    And one more thing, trucks (stock) are actually not the biggest of off-roaders either. Trucks are for hauling, and towing, not necesarily for climbing; hence the bed. True "offroad" vehicles are virtually any Jeep, especially Wranglers, and it's much bigger twin, the Hummer(Humvee). What makes these machines such great terrain traversers is that their wheels are at the corners, with little overhang, providing for good clearance. Trucks obviously do not little overhang; i.e. rear wheels.
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    Don't the 2004 Corvettes have some 400 foot-pound of torque?
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    No dude, the new SRT10 uses the same 8.3 liter V10 that powers the Dodge Viper. This also means that it has 500 horsepower, not 310. It's used in the Ram 1500 series, not the 2500 or 3500. And you can find pictures of it on the official Dodge website, it has been put into production, I actually saw one on the freeway just recently, beasts of machines, and fast to boot. Also, see what Dodge did when they had a spare Viper V10 and slapped it onto a motercycle...may I present...the Tomahawk...a motorcycle that if put to full throttle off the line would flip backwards and kill the driver....
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    Yeah exactly, that's what I told that guy too, but I posted after you so you threw the smack down first. Anyways yeah trucks are definatley good for the race, especially with all that low end torque, ooowwweee. But I hate seeing trucks lowered, it is a waste of a perfectly good truck, and it's pride has been stolen <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Comparing a Roush to a SVT F150 is the same thing as comparing a Saleen to an SVT Cobra. Aside from it being an aftermarket mod company, I bet your Rouse also costed a good deal more than this here F150.
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    That's what I'm talking about! $90,000 for a 290hp V6, or $85,000 for a 500hp V10 baby! WOOOOOHOOOOO! So what if the paneling is lightweight, it still falls short of the muscle cars. Also, the horsepower in that thing is flat our embarassing. Persay a Viper and an NSX are both traveling 80mph, and at the same time they both floor it....who's going to reach 120 first? THE VIPER! Weight may help you off the line, but you can't deny the horsepower of a muscle car, it is relentless.
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    Well the truck is going to feel alot more torquey because it has very good low end torque, which is one of the sole features of a truck. Anyways, I would much rather have the dynamics of a truck engine, or equally powerful 800 lbs/ft muscle car than a Supra, because when you hear those Supras whiz up I swear I think they are about to explode and send camshafts flying left and right. American car engines are these huge durable things, like powertools, they take a beating so easily...
  19. Personally i dont like the viper but hey different strokes for different folks, the viper from a race between a supercharged m3 and a viper, the m3 murdered it at the lockal raceway i guess my whole point is that i dont like roll on power i like track. street bikes hands down win any speed race from a standstill and topspeed. i love you all :D
  20. a dualie can kick the shit out of a car. Torque is key if you dont know that stop coming to Ive seen F-350 turbo diesal do low 12's on quarter mile track. theres nothing like pure muscle. comparing to specs the ford lighting compares to a wrx. Yes I know wrx is a badass car and very fast but theres only so much you can do to a 4 banger and not have any stress on the engine. Them V8's wow you can do anything with no stress anyways post some stuff.

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