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  1. This car, I think, is very ugly, as a matter of fact I think almost all 80's cars are ugly. The car has a normal hood, light, and shape design the only thing that sets it appart is the doors.
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    i agree, in that almost all 80's cars are ugly, but this car i think is beautiful
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    Hell, 80's cars were the bomb!!! God, I mean the Lamborghini countach
    is a perfect example of the finley crafted masterpeices that the 80's
    produced. And the Ferrari Berlinetta is another beautiful machine. And the F40 came from '88. The 911's of the eighties were king! So
    lay back on the 80's car bashing a little bit. <!-- Signature -->
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    This cars ugly? Can you please post your pic so we have something as a benchmark to call something else ugly please?

    Yes yes yes, im kidding....but still, dont let that stop you posting your pic ;).
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    The Testarossa is gorgeous!!!I love that wide rear end and of course it's trademark doors.<!-- Signature -->
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    this car isent ugly this car is great i have drovin one even if the style is off the performence is great for a car for the 80`s
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    whats your name, bugbrain or something, you think this car is ugly, how can you say a classic like this is ugly. what kind of car do you drive ?

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    Poor "fella" would't know a
    beautiful car if it ran him
    over. <!-- Signature -->
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    youd have to be a complete moron to think this car is ugly.

    your a ricer arent you?
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    SODAPOP99 couldn't have said it better. If you guys knew what you were talking about, you'd know that this was the fastest production car available to North America in the late 80's. It is a beautiful car, but the pick posted here is some guy's who desided to paint the front spoiler cause it should be black not red. I should know since my dad has a collection of ferraris
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    This car has to be the most beautifull car I have ever seen. Whoever says this car is ugly is a total moron. I am sorry but I love this car, and it is just not right to say this car is ugly. I could look at this car all day long and never get tired of looking at it.
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    Its just SOO good looking! <!-- Signature -->
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    looks are subjective, people can have their own opinions, to me this car looks absolutely awesome and it sounds even better, the 5.0 Flat-12 is the best sounding engine I've ever heard.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from FeLiX93</i>
    <b>Its just SOO good looking! </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->**** thats nice.
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    i don't think that this one i ugly. the same to other 80's sportscars (especialy for Lambo Countach)
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    you got some serious problems man this car is an elagant sports car that has more style than you. Don't let the name fool you it may say Classic Cad Man but I think Ferrari's rule punk.
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    Phil.... As in the waiter at Phil's Pancake House? It's been a while but how are you? Still drivin' the hate mobile through Trailer Land? F@cking pea brain!
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    This car looks awesome,how can you say it's ugly,I love the wide rear end and it's trade mark doors too.
    And no the 80's has plenty of cool looking cars like the Countach
    the F40,Porsche 959,928,944s Nissan 300zx etc.....The list goes on and on cool looking 80's cars in different classes and price ranges
    ,I actually think they make gayer looking cars now then they did in the 80's!
    Example the new 350Z now that car is ugly,lol which is a shame c'ause
    i'm a Z car fan but i don't like the new one at all.
    It looks to0 futuristic and also like a concept car still,lol
    Any ways Imports Rule!
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    Naw even so called"R!cerz" could respect this beauty,only a muscle car loving redneck could call this car "ugly".And I'd appreciate it if you didn't use the "R!cer"word again thnx.
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    lol,I agree,this car is beautiful.
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    Yes I agree,the 80's had plenty of cool looing cars,and this is one of them,heh.
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    Whoever said this car is ugly: Please go somewhere else to dis this car.
    We all know this car is gorgeous and very fast for an 80's car.
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    Obviously, this guy has never seen one in real life. He can only judge the pictures on the web. He's an idiot anyway.
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    one of ferrari's masterpieces, the red jewel, back in the 80's this car was hypermodern and only the moviestars couldt affort something like this, and this car is even now not for the normally client i think, DONT SAY ANY BAD WORDS ABOUT THIS JEWEL..IM GONNA CRY..YOU BASTARD!!

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    U IDIOT!!! if u think this is ugly u are an idiot with no brain

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