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    at 1/6 the price and 10 times the durability, build quality and efficiency, and with equal (if not better) performance and a more stylish appearance, my import (and imports in general) are a much better proposition to a performance car buyer than this. Only old men with kids and mid-life crisis' buys a powerful family sedan.
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    The one big drawback to imports is, even more than "normal" used cars, is the history of the car. Unless you put the front cut on your 180 yourself, there is no doubt that the car has been drifted in its life, and woulda had the crap thrashed out of it. This with the lack of a warranty (in most cases) leads buyers to new cars. The "10 times the durability" part of your post is what really annoyed me. You think your high-stressed engine, with a reasonably high boost pressure will outlast a VERY undertuned engine in the R8? I think not.

    Powerful family sedans aren't only for people with kids either. I wuold hate to try and squeeze in the back of you Sileighty. Sitting in the back of a S15 200SX on the way to my formal was bad enough.

    Also, the large sedans are more for touring than flat out driving like your car. What year is your Sileighty?? pre-91 I'm guessing??
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    true... its just beyond me tho how these cars develop such a cult following when really they are way overrated.. lets face it, 68-100+k for a fast sedan derived from a family favorite is stretchin it. 30K for a toyota 1JZ twin turbs chaser (high 13second 1/4s stock, with auto boxes) is a much more reasonable offering, 1JZs have been known to support 350kw atw with standard innards and still have acceptable longivity.. i hear the new HRT 427 has a price tag of 200k.. WTF?!? BMW, merc or even porche may warrent this price tag.. but holden?

    as for my car, its 1988, (motor and body) and the front was changed in japland. I got it pretty much as is cept fo the stereo and the manual g/box, 14k all up. I dont dissagree that it may hav been thrashed but not too many peeps drift autos.. and its harder to kill a motor with an auto too (coz of limiters etc.). ever since i got it i redline it evry time i drive it.. went to tha drags and did 7 runs no probs, had it for bout 6 months.

    and my car on space? well.. the only passenger that matters is me julie and she dont take up hardly any space, my mates hav thier own cars.. so theres heaps of room until i hav kids.

    my point: jap cars are the only way to go for value fo money performance from a STYLISH car.. not a hunky old peice of crap like a VH commodore or a gemmie.
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    lol...I am a big import lover myself. I used to read High Performance Imports all the time. My brother was actually looknig at an S13 Silvia as his first car, but bought an SP20 coz of high insurance. bastrards.

    I just wanted to point out that big sedans are a valid choice. I agree that 200K+ is WAY too much for a car that is based on a 30k family sedan.

    If I could have my way I would own both types of cars <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    one of my friends reckon that bathurst winning monaro can rip the audi r8 or any other le mans car for that matter
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    i have whacked him with a metal ruler on many occasions which is probably the reason y he likes HSVs
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    They are thinking of racing the monaro at le mans but it owuld be in the same class as the vipers and porsche and not competing for outright honours with the audi
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    it was a shame they stopped having those gt1 classes, then they would've had a better chance of getting into it so they could compete for outright victory. on the other hand u could still be classified as a gt2 race car.
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    And i think being one of the worlds fastest sedans it deserves to be on here
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    Ford fans usually come into 2 categories
    Bogans or Greeks
    both one eyed

    and no i was not dropped on my head
    and yes i hate jap crap

    go search through the history books
    is there one thing they invented automotive wise

    why can ppl come here and rubbish an australian icon
    but if u dare say somethign about ric3 your public anemy number one?

    face it jap cars have no style or soul
    no resale value
    and r for Lebs and Asians to dive

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    I don't fall into either of those categories, neither am I one-eyed. Stop making generalisations. You must be a total social reject.
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    Yeah I believe fatty is the word.
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    You DID click on that link? It is fat!
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    he SURE is. sombody should ban him for good.
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    Evo is less attractive , evo and attractive shouldn't even go in the same sentence, the R8 has style and more room for kids/shopping .......maybe the person who wants to buy the R8 doesn't want to drop his standards.
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    I like the new SS I think the VY looks better then VX in my oppinion but VX still looks good even though Im not realy a fan of the new Holdens and fords.
    Its weird how the new SS is quicker from 0-100 then the Clubsport don't you think.
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    They will keep the trend with the monaro/gto and this will continue for quite a while yet. All wheel drive will be an option soon but rear wheel drive will always be available
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    Yeah I thinks very strange given the 25kw power difference and the lower gearing of the Clubsport. I wonder how it would go if the Clubbie had SS gearing or the SS had Clubbie power?
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    The Hsv Gto is being sent to USA as the Pontiac Gto later this year. It's got the same engine, brakes suspension and interior and the only difference is the body.

    The Hsv Gto is based on the Monaro and the Pontiac Gto on the Pontiac.
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    its actually just the standard monaro the americans are getting
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    I'm pretty the engine is different because the GTO produces more power.
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    No modifications to the Pontiac Gto engine has been changed the Manaro has just been introduced as a pontiac because holden is not big enough yet to compete in the USA's market the holden and the pontiac have got the same engine specifications only thing that differs is the body work of the rear of the pontiac and the grill has been altered .

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