Veyron Delayed, again.

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  1. Bugatti have delayed the Veyron again but not for any mechanical or technical fault, this time it's the handling of the car, in the current issue of Autocar theres a small articl near the front that says the Veyron has been delayed becaue it handles too much like a race car, and it's not the image VW want for the car, I don't know any web site with it on yet but I'll post them when I do.
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    Is that a first, delayed cos it handles too good.
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    It was'nt that it handled too well, it was that the handling was'nt right for it's market.
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    Apparently it spun out.
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    Yeah, that was driver error, he even said so himself afterwards, the rest of the time the car was flying round the track.
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    Its a shame really, veyron haters are gonna take this the wrong way and use it against us lovers of the veyron.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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