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  1. Who peed in your cheerios? Why such a negative nancy? You know you wanna tell.

    Share your innermost thoughts on this public forum for counter-therapy purposes!

    Don't be like this:


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  2. Be more like this:

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  3. Someone should make a GTA-style wasted GIF out of that second skunk.
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    buttghati veyron grrrrrrr.jpg
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  5. He took too many fingers up the fartbox
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  6. Pfff, all of us have done that once or twice!

    No reason to be so PMS all the time. Explain yourself!
  7. Eh. Whats going on
  8. On behalf of Vman. All of you can have a tall warm glass of gofukurself
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  9. Long story short, Vman cut his hair and lost his powers, this made him all weak in the knees so he fell in a large pile of heroin. When he was passed out his arch nemesis use fisting moves which was super effective and now he has a sore anus and a sand in vagina, which is counter-productive so I sent him a virtual tampax.
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  10. So much love in this thread for Vman
  11. Wait wait. I don't think that's how that saying goes. Let me try this again.

    On behalf of Vman. You can all fuk off.


    On behalf of Vman. I hope chlamydia infested ferrets burrow in your ass and decide to eat their way out through your piss holes.

    Fuk. I'm not very good at this.
  12. That's the opposite of the kind of behaviour we're looking for!

    Bad diggs, Bad!
  13. 2guilty-dog.jpg
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  14. I know this is your weird way of offering support, and it is honestly appreciated, but ya, I'm not going to talk about anything.

    I'm fine though
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  15. I drove a Veyron briefly once. Eh, not for me.
  16. too girthy
  17. Is this like when a woman on her period says "I'm fine"?

    Because they mean the opposite.
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  18. he means leave him alone
    i think we should just let him know we appreciate him.

    we appreciate you james
  19. Yeah, just take your time, I don't know what the matter is and I won't aggrivate you by asking or anything, but I'm sure every single one of us is willing to give any form of support (which you'd never ask for).
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  20. You were cranky a while ago, too!
  21. Naturally! :D
  22. you know me too well :nut
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