Viper SRT-10 takes a dump at the 'Ring

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Guibo, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Props to st-anger at JW. Cornering speeds from this month's Sport Auto (and some figures from Sport Auto's '97 test):

    SRT-10 / GTS (411 PS)

    Schwedenkreuz: 233 kmh / 223

    Aremberg: 94 (1.1g) / 98 (1.1g)

    Fuchsroehre: 217 / 218

    Metzgesfeld: 147 / 184 (?!)

    Bergwerk: 95 (1.25g) / 113 (1.3g)

    Kesselchen: 220 / 212

    Klostertal 1: 147 (0.95g) / 179 (1.2g)

    Klostertal 2: 82 (1.05g) / 99 (1.3g)

    Pflanzgarten: 177 / 171

    Galgenkopf: 124 (1.1g) / 136 (1.1g)

    Doettinger Hoehe: 263 / 252

    Overall Lap time: 8:13 / 8:10

    Pretty piss poor IMO. C5 Comm Ed Corvette is only 5 seconds slower...
  2. Yeah, that sucks, any explaination?
  3. cool!!
    give a picture of the car!
  4. That's not cool, its terrible...
  5. Strange, nothing to do with the weather?
  6. Lack of Dodge fanboys at the 'Ring.
  7. That is a bad lap time for the Viper, it must have some explanation for it becuase I would expect 7:45 or around that.
  8. I hope no one here actually believes an SRT-10 would be 20 seconds behind the comm Z06, cmon, think about it for a

    I believe the Comm edition Z06 got 7:56

    who is this driver that would get beat by a 405 horsepower GTS european spec viper, while driving an SRT-10.

    was this in the pouring rain or did this driver just plain suck?

    piss poor driver, not piss poor car.
  9. yup it did. 7:56 same as the new c6 z51
  10. well then what are these horrible SRT-10 times supposed to represent? And who was driving?

    are people here actually now judging the car based on this?

    anyways, expect the SRT-10 to get under 7:56.
  11. those times aren't that good. i wonder who was driving.
  12. Are they the same weight?

    Because if they are, then that's a pretty bad driver for the SRT-10.

    I'm guessing the driver couldn't handle all that power.
  13. Unimpressive.

    I hope it was just the result of a shitty driver.
  14. hehe well u gotta remember cars like the viper and the corvettes dont really much lap time at the ring. Other cars get to go around and round and around all the time since they are readily available.
  15. If it's weather-related, I don't think it can be due to rain. Track looked bone dry. Test conditions noted:

    Air temperature: 28 deg C (82 deg F)
    Track temp: 37 deg C (99 deg F)

    The temps were actually worse for the C5: 30 air / 38 track

    To answer the question about who was driving, I'm pretty sure it was the same driver for both the old and new Viper: Horst von Saurma. He's their senior test editor, and the guy they use for all of the 'Ring lapping.

    An explanation from st-anger (paraphrasing the article):
    "...the SRT10 has a undefined handling behaviour, the driver has to drive it under load all the time, load cycle changes are kinda challenging and very bad for a good lap time, because a smooth and correct line is eyerything at NS..."

    That might explain how the SRT-10 was vastly better on only the fastest section of track, but does nothing to explain how the SRT was noticeably way off the pace in most of the corners. This, despite R&T, Automobile Magazine, and Autocar all saying that the new Viper is more neutral and progressive in its handling than the old car.

    Here are the lap charts for both Vipers.
  16. Also pretty odd considering that most tests I've seen of the car would indicate that it has better handling and grip than the Murcielago, which has a vastly better lap time. All of those were on relatively small tracks though.
  17. Depressing.
  18. LOL. Z8: +34 kmh @ Metzgesfeld. 28 kmh faster @ Klostertal 1. And noticeably faster in 2 other corners as well.

    Acceleration figures for that SRT-10 (1585 kg):
    0-100: 4.5
    0-160: 9.4
    0-200: 14.0

    For the GTS (1567 kg):
    0-100: 4.7
    0-160: 9.8
    0-200: 14.6

    In their standardized curve at Hockenheim, however, the SRT-10 did pretty well.
    SRT-10: 1.25g
    GTS: 1.2g

    Not so well in 36m slalom.
    SRT-10: 127 kmh (same as 350Z)
    GTS: 133 kmh (same as Lotus Exige)
  19. Those are by far the worst acceleration figures I've ever seen, for either Viper.
  20. Ha...

    What idiot put the SRT-10 under the track car section in PGR2, lol
  21. For the most part, yes, they are the same weight. Or at least, they should be. Here are some Viper weights throughout the years.

    GTS: 3420 lbs
    SRT-10: 3390

    GTS: 3410
    SRT-10: 3408

    So, it would appear they are less than 1% different, with a marginal edge going to the SRT-10.

    Yet, Sport Auto has them listed as:
    GTS: 3454
    SRT-10: 3494

    The SRT-10 goes from being 2-30 lbs lighter (in the US tests) to being 40 lbs heavier (in the German test). Pretty odd. But I don't think weight alone explains the dismal (and very suspect) cornering speeds.
  22. The weight difference isn't that odd, European spec Vipers require a different exhaust system with rear exiting pipes, instead of the side pipes on American Vipers. The extra piping probably accounts for most of the weight difference.
  23. Haha. Here are some other cornering speeds.

    SRT-10 / VW Golf 4Motion:

    Aremberg: 94 / 92

    Metzgesfeld: 147 / 171

    Bergwerk: 95 / 90

    Kesselchen: 220 / 212

    Klostertal 1: 147 / 153

    Klostertal 2: 82 / 84

    Overall: 8:13 / 9:09
  24. Ah, yeah. That's right. But still. 40 lbs sounds like a lot.

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