What kind of Supercar interests you most?

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  1. Innotech specced standerd setter GT limousine coupe

    pretty much

    or just basman007 specced xD
  2. so basically a Lamborghini Estoque or Spyker D12 Peking to Paris for you.
  3. Having seen that D12 on a show, I must admit, that thing really is kickass/arab
  4. Excellent poll, I voted for the killer kits.
  5. I know you love that one, so I'll AXE you a question... are there any pics of it with the "street" tail section? I remember reading somewhere that they were working on one...
  6. lol
  7. I the only true supercar I love is the Zonda.
  8. no, not like that. allthough I do like Spyker, but I prefer the C8 double 12 S. And I've been wishing for coachbuilt Spykers for a long time, I kinda like that the Zagato one stayed a one off.

    More like a coachbuilt Bentley coupe with a fantastic GT body, luxurious interior and a performance chassis/engine/setup. Or an Aston from WS with pretty much the same philosophy.
    The 962 racecar, but done by Schuppan or Dauer.
    An S-class after a visit to HWA and fitted with the 7.3 litre engine, beautiful discreet changes in the body and an outrageous interior on the same level as Spyker.
    Or a coachbuilt Ferrari station that out performs the coupe version in everything.
    Dedicated homologation cars like the CLK GTR/LM, F1 GT, etc

    I'm not sure if this summons up my taste in supercars completely. Basicly coachbuilt and bespoke cars. Rare cars with just a handful made. Every little detail is thought of. A personal touch. etc.

    My favourite supercar of all time? The F50, but with some Pininfarina adjustments.
  9. I've seen pics of it but I didn't save any of them because it's ugly.
  10. Need to get more credits to buy Stage 3 weight reduction, and fully customizable suspension.
  11. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    You say the normal tail, minus wing, would look better?
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  14. Chevy Montanas and SAABs.
  16. Hard to choose between:

    Zonda F CS
    Veyron SS
    Diablo GT
    Carrera GT
    GT2 RS

    Voted Necessities though!
  17. Such a random list
  18. that list really isnt very random. Its just half of the big name marquee cars of the last few years.
  19. I'll take Innotech-spec cause I fecking love obscure 90's supercars.

    Though I'd definitely take a standard setter like the McF1 and Veyron/SS.

    The GT2 RS is probably a very civil thing given it's a Porsche, so I doubt it fits in with the Gumperts of this world.
  20. 90's supercars.
  21. ? the GT2s are famously uncivil. pre-04 996 ones are called widowmakers for good reason.

    one of the few really ballsy cars still made by major manufacturers, along with the z06 and viper.
  22. I'd love to say Zonda or Murcielago SV or something but I honestly think I'd have a ton more fun in a Gallardo, 458, SLS, GT3 RS
  23. my all time fav
  24. Whatever the category the car in your avatar belongs to.

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