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  1. what the hell is this?!
  2. its russian, duh. Also, i think its a computer rendering.
  3. oh its reall allright.
  4. not sure those are the same....

    either way, badass.
  5. that one is real, but if you weren't so blind (GET SOME GLASSES) the first one is like a total render and never was made.
  6. oh looks familiar
  7. Did it fly?
  8. lol
  9. looks like something that would take 45 missiles to shootdown in ace combat
  10. HAHAHA
  11. rip
  12. Cool, but obviously fake if you look closely. It is based on a real photo, but some parts of the "aircraft" (as well as the boarding ladder and other pieces) have clearly been added.
  13. Epic win.
  14. Needs more engines

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