What year esprit

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  1. Is this?
    Look at the back, the exhaust is to the corners of the car (like the >2002 ones), and it doesn't have that metal stuff in front of the exhaust. However, the tail lights are different than the >2002 ones.
  2. That's one of the last versions made, post-2003 I believe.
  3. He clearly explained why it couldn't be a post 2003, because it doesn't have the 2004 rear end. My guess is that's it's a 2003 Model, right before the switch to the new exhaust system. Here's a picture of a 2004.
  4. It's post-2003 as I orignally said. Only the North American models had the centre exit exhaust I believe.
  5. I checked the 2003, and the back is the same as the 2004.
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  7. I always liked the esprit, especially the last ones
  8. Maybe the light change came mid-year.

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