Where did Chevorlet go wrong?

Discussion in '2006 Lexus SC430 GT500' started by kav, Nov 4, 2003.

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    I think GM probably has their reasons for doing things the way they did with this trucks performance. They wanted to get people's reactions and leave room for improvements for next year. If it stays in production, it should have more horsepower and a manual transmition next year. I just hope they dont take as long as the PT Cruiser took. The PT Cruiser didnt' get much improvement untill a few years later when they finally got a Turbo.
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    Go wrong is right! This truck (if that's what they want to call it) is probably the stupidest looking "bad ass" vehicle next to the Toyota echo. Although in completely different classes, I would have a really hard time picking between the two based on looks alone. I seriously doubt that any "fine ass chicks" would want to be seen in one as well.
  3. this truck does look a bit ott, and wats the thing with cars/truck things like this. wheres the logic?!?! Sports car companies should stick to making cars.
  4. the retro style needs to fall off the face of the earth, they #$%#ed up on the t-bird, and now this....I think it looks pretty good, but a little over board. And I'll tell you where it went wrong, making a performance truck (the SS) that runs 14's and this thing that has 280 FLYWHEEL hp
  5. and I meant ford #$%#ed up on the t-bird, but chevy did also RUIN the Impala, so there you go

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