Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

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    These areticles from old car and drivers and motor trend shoudl help settle a lot of questions and arguments as well as some facts about the Z you may not have known.
    Vette vs TTZ

    1992 TT Test driver report

    1993 TT test drive report

    Buying a Sports Car pitting TTZ vs Lotus Elan vs Vette vs RX7

    Motor trends Winner

    Difference between the Models from 90 to 96

    Difference between the Japan european and American Z

    Random Differ between Series 1 and 2
  2. Re: Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

    well...depends on what type of vette...and 300zx tt u are talkin about...i would like to see u bring it up aganist my vette...any type of race..trac with tight turns or 1/4 mile...most depends on car rest wit driver...stick sites up...but drivers can make the difference...i know...i saw a viper get beat by a mustang...i was in the stang at the time it happened
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    Please be quiet before you make a fool of yourself. I know it's kinda late already, but there is still hope. I love the line where you say. " I would like to see you bring it up against my vette". Are you forgeting that 90% of 300zx's are not stock? And stage 3's pull 400+ HP with $1000 worth the mods. I would like to see you pull that HP with $1000.
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    Horsepower means nothing, it is the times that are attached to it that matter.
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    Very rarely can a 200HP car beat a 400HP car. There are exceptions to be made. Like a civic racing a Big huge 2 ton truck. But cars of equal weight, one with 300HP and one with 400HP tis obvious which one would win. The vette has about as much pork as a Z does, the Z gets the HP to the wheels more efficiently in most cases as well. It's one of the cars with the least amount of drivetrain loss out there still to this day.
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    the mustang was the new saleen...and the guy drivin the viper couldn't drive well...anyway i put a 1000 into my vette a while ago and i have around 430 hp...where are u gettin ur stats from...cause u know that parts for american cars are cheaper...and the vette is lighter than the 300zx tt...basically cause of the fiber glass body...and the LT1 vette stock does the 1/4 mile in 13.6 sec and 0-60 in 5.0
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    here is the stat sheet if u don't believe me
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    Where am I getting my stats from? My reciets. Exhaust=$500, Chip=$250, intake=$79.99, horsepower=400. That is 400HP for less than $1000. You spend another grand on 555cc injectors and $50 on a MBC and you can hit 450 easily.

    stock 300zx does the quarter mile in 13.7 and 0-60 in 5.0, It also manages to out handle the corvette in every possible way. Coming from a car that was never intended for drag racing, That's pretty good. Now go hang out in the LT1 corvette forums.
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    Where am I getting my stats from? My reciets. Exhaust=$500, Chip=$250, intake=$79.99, horsepower=400. That is 400HP for less than $1000. You spend another grand on 555cc injectors and $50 on a MBC and you can hit 450 easily.

    stock 300zx does the quarter mile in 13.7 and 0-60 in 5.0, It also manages to out handle the corvette in every possible way. Coming from a car that was never intended for drag racing, That's pretty good. Now go hang out in the LT1 corvette forums.
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    look...someone brought this up about the vette and a 300zx tt...ok...here is all i have to say 93-95 corvette zr-1...oh and by the way...here is what i did to my LT-1...Dart Pro Iron Eagle 1 heads $400...borla exaust $300(got from friend who owns speed shop)...$200 chip...k and n intake $100 (great to have friends in high places)...well that is $1,000...and pushin 430 hp...i then put a bigger cam in my car...bigger wires and better spark plugs...i also...put the grand sport rims...the greenwood ground effects...and rear spoiler...i have roughly 475 hp in my vette...and i did all the work to it with the assistance of my friend...who has a supercharged s2k pushin 380hp...so um...if i wanted to...i could put callaway twin turbos on my car..and um well ur car wouldn't even compare...cause right now naturally aspirated...i could beat u...so y rub it in?...now think long and hard before u make a poor investment...i almost bought a '93 300zx tt...but the vette just out did it...period
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    Keep on thinking that. Big displacment cars suck where I live. Beating a C5 vette stock is not big thing up here. The 03 cobra's run 13.9's so keep on thinking vettes kick ass.
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    ...the 03 svt cobra runs it in 12.9s...so keep makin up stuff...and who cares about mustangs...they suck...by the way most people that own vettes don't race them...cause they are old people...wow ur incompitance is astounding...just have ur friends come down here...and let me show u how a vette is susposed to run
  13. Re: Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

    Next time when you try to insult somebody make sure you spell incompetence correct. Otherwise you just look like an idiot.

    BTW: ur does not replace you're, and "susposed" is spelled supposed.

    Now who is the incompetent one? HAHAHA
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    He drives a corvette and likes American cars what else is there to say?lol
    By the way I love the Nissan 300ZX!
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    nice pic of the ferrari f50...i am probably one of the only people in this forum to actually have rode in one...i know tru power...ok...i like bigger engines...cause they have more balls then other cars...my dad had a 90 300zx tt...and he even likes my corvette over his tt...he no longer has it...basically cause he got an accord...and the fact that my vette wit 412 hp and 405 ft/lbs torque could run a 12.2...i have around 460-475 now...didn't dino test it yet...after the other mods...but i can run the mid 11s...i never said i didn't like 300zx tt...but they aren't in the same category as the corvette...there is no replacement for big displacement...u can never feel tru power in a smaller engine...my neighbors tri power 427 corvette..can lift off the ground...that is balls...the only thing on the 300zx that sounds good is the turbo...other than that it doesn't even belong next to a vette...and get off the fact that a 300zx is better than a vette...it is plastic...it has a v6 and it takes twin turbos to come into the vette category...GM made the syclone in 91...a truck wit a v6...and a single turbo...and 4 wheel drive...only 280 hp...and it can beat a 300zx tt...after i saw that...i thought the 300zx tt was pathetic...to be beatin by a truck that weights 3600lbs...and has 20 less hp...now then the 89 turbo trans am a v6...and a single turbo...wit 250 hp...that can take the 300zx tt...so get over ur self...cause the fact is that the 300zx tt...will always be below the vette...i mean y did they stop makin it???
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    You are full of shit. plain and simple. The syclone would never be able to hang with a Z. I raced one before and he managed to beat me by a small margin, but I was also in a NON-TURBO. Same goes for a trans am. I can hand a SS camaro and a WS6 it;s ass pretty easily. You look in every test in car and driver, the Z comes out on top every single time. Get off this forum you are cluttering it up with ignorance. Learn how to spell and write. Some people use periods to end a sentence not (...). Why did they stop making it? Ask yourself the same thing about the MR2, the Supra and RX7.

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    I think a 89 Turbo Trans Am would be pretty evenly matched in a straight line to a stock 300Z TT.
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    Check the times liek I did. The 89 T/A does 0-60 in 6.2 which is about as fast as an older (1990's) mustang GT.
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    Re: Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

    What source do you want? Pontiacs offical numbers were 0-60 in 5.5 Sec, car and driver got 4.6. The engine was under rated by GM to not dimish sales of the Vette. (It has been estimated around 300 HP at the wheel) Heres some articles:

    AutoWeek, May 1, 1989
    Speedway Rocket Sled
    0-60 5.5 sec
    "The rush as the car shot from legal highway speeds to 'you're going to jail, son' reduced us to giggles once."

    Car Craft, December 1988-Volume 36 Number 12-pp. 94-95, 97
    1989 20th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am
    0-60 5.4 sec, 1/4 mi [email protected] mph
    "We feel its performance has set the high-water mark for the decade."

    Car & Driver, October 1988-Volume 34 Number 4-p. 81
    '89 New Cars-Pontiac Trans Am-Quick test
    "...the turbo anniversary model (rated at 245hp but probably putting out more like 270) should be the quickest TA in the lineup."

    Car & Driver, June 1989
    20th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am
    0-60 4.6 sec, 1/4 mi [email protected]
    "This is a car for muscle-car mavens, pure and simple."

    Hot Rod, November 1988-Volume 41 Number 11-pp. 90-91, 93
    20th Anniversary Trans Am: Pontiac's Excitement Package
    0-60 6.0 sec, 1/4 mi [email protected]
    "With all the power and handling you could ask for in a production performance car, it definitely qualifies as one of the absolute best buys of '89."

    Motor Trend, March 1989-Volume 41 Number 3-pp. 50-52, 54, 55, 58
    Pontiac 20th Anniversary Trans Am
    0-60 5.4 sec, 1/4 mi [email protected] mph
    "A drive in this killer Pontiac is the most fun you can have with your clothes on."

    Popular Hot Rodding, March 1989-Volume 28 Number 3-pp. 62-64
    King of the Hill
    "It is with little doubt one of the finest super cars we've ever had the privilege to drive."

    Road & Track, January 1989-Volume 40 Number 5-pp. 92-94
    Pontiac Turbo Trans Am
    0-60 5.3 sec, 1/4 mi [email protected] mph
    "...this 20th-anniversary rocket can't decide whether to pace at Indy or enter."
    "An excellent coupling of turbo engine and auto trans."

    Turbo & Hi-Tech Performance, May 1989-Volume 6 Number 3-pp. 40-43, 63
    White Heat-Pontiac's Turbo GTA: The New Pace In Performance
    0-60 4.89 sec
    "...we took a leisurely drive...overall performance was to say the least...impressive."

    The lowest time I have seen was 6.5 secs from a mag.

    Road & Track Special Series, Supercars-August 15, 1989-pp. 80-83
    High-Boost T/A Turbo-Great white snark
    0-60 6.50 sec, 1/4 mi [email protected] mph

    Don't be to upset that an American 6-cylinder turbo Has a better 0-60 time a couple years before the 300Z, Americans are good at going in straight lines. I would check your times again, because I did say TURBO trans am, alot different than the 350's running around.

    From the same sorce at http://www.albeedigital.com/supercoupe/articles/0-60times.html

    1989 Nissan 300ZX 7.1 15.5
    1995 Nissan 300ZX Turbo 5.5 13.9
    1989 Pontiac 20th Anniv. Trans Am 5.1 14.2

    This is why I would say they are pretty evenly matched, but if you want to be fair about it, the Trans AM only had an Auto, so lets compare it to an Auto 300ZX TT and see who gets the best numbers.
  20. Re: Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

    Like I said. 6.5
  21. Re: Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

    My Statement still stands.

    OK lets compare from the same Source, Road and Track since it is the worst one I have seen for the TTA, so this is giving the Turbo Trans Am full doubt

    In the Dec 89, the 300ZX TT had a 6.50 0-60, and a 15.0 1/4 mile

    Road & Track Special Series, Supercars-Aug '89 (four months earlier)
    the Turbo Trans Am
    6.50 0-60, 14.80 in the 1/4 mile

    I would say yes, they are evenly matched in a straight line. (By the way look up the 1/4 mile and 0-60 times in the Jan issue of the same publication the 20th TTA gets, 5.3 0-60, 13.9 1/4 mile)

    Ok, now lets compare a Car and Driver like you said

    Sep 1993
    300ZX TT 5.6 0-60, 14.2 in the 1/4 (The Vette got 14.0)

    Feb 1992
    300ZX TT 0-60 5.0, 13.7 in the 1/4 mile (In the same issue the Vette got a 13.6)

    Aug 1991
    300ZX TT 0-60 5.0, 13.7 in the 1/4

    Feb 1990
    300ZX TT 5.9 0-60, 14.6 in the 1/4 (The Vette got 14.5)

    June 1989
    Trans-Am 4.6 0-60, 13.5 in the 1/4 mile

    So my statement still stands: The 1989 20th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am is about evenly matched to the 300 ZX TT in a straight line. (The differences are so small I would hold the driver, and conditions more responisble a few tenths of a second)

    So I guess according to you, since the same publication had the same 0-60 times for both cars, the 300 ZX TT is as fast as a early 90's Mustang?
  22. Re: Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

    Nope, according to me the 300zxTT does 0-60 in 5 flat and the quarter in 13.5. I don't get my specs from a magazine, I get mine from a track in my own car. Until you can say that you have taken a 89T/A to the track and pulled a sub 14 second quarter your comments are not valid.

  23. Re:
    Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

    Tautologies are often considered a dishonest debating tactic, and considered a logical fallacy.

    I can state my cars is faster than a McLaren, because you have not driven a McLaren you cannot prove it. Does it mean it is true?

    Another thing, why should I take your word for it? Are you a respected member of the automotive industry? Heck, half the people on this site do not even believe you have a 300ZX. Have you shown me a timeslip? How do I know your car was stock when ran it? How much bias are you using when you make your claims?

    I accept your concession.
  24. Re: Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

    I don't expect you to believe anything I say. Nor do I care one bit. Do I care what people on this stie think I own or don't own? Not at all. Most of the people on this site (you included) are 14 and unders who think civics with stickers are really "neat" Most of whom have never driven any real performance car. I know that a TT 300zx is faster than a 1989 T/A and that is good enough for me. I dare you to go onto TT.net and state that a 1989 T/A can smoke a TT. If you choose to you will see the results and know that I was right all along. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    Whoz Faster Vette or TTZ

    Hmmmm.... well I supplied publications, and you supplied hearsay. Did I once state a TT/A will smoke a 300ZX TT? I said they would be evenly matched in a straight line, and the fact is all you have is a heavily biased opinion, and have not been able to disprove it my statement, while I backed mine up with reliable sources.

    I don't see you posting on www.turbotransam.com, I am sure you will get the same response I would get on TT.net. So that why I brought up publications they are usually the best source for comparing vehicles, besides an actual run. (pssst.... there are better cars out there than the 300Z)

    If I am 14, you just got owned by a 14 year old.

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