Why has new daddy forsaken us?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ETB4U, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. So new admin, any new updates? Or are you even really a new admin? Have we been pranked?
  2. All we want is some new users to troll and argue with.
  3. What's all this about
  4. It's been months since the frontpage has been updated. I have no hope anymore.
  5. its really a marvel that this site is still up without any serious maintenance
  6. Yeah seriously! Nothing since mid-November.
  7. Rome wasn't built in a day
  8. This site was, by the looks of it
    Anyway, we'll probably know in 2-3 weeks when it's April Fools
  9. the new owner said before christmas that it would be "three weeks" until the new site was sorted and everything ported over to a new forum.

    he probably took one look at the code and went "wtf have I done?".
  10. Probably drank himself to death after giving a proper look at the forums
  11. We're like the last residents of a long deserted city that has no sewage or electricity but somehow the buildings stay upright. Sometimes, missionaries come around and never return.
  12. oh man that is cold blooded
  13. nice burn, hippo
    whooo boy
  14. I think we got trolled

    twas alllll a ruse
  15. why has daddy forskinned us
  16. if only someone had a plan to make the forums awesome
  17. Rob Lach should make a Supercars.net Simulator game.
  18. I was thinking to port it ober to an action adventure game. You start off super powerful with all the best weapon. And gradually every item breaks and you get weaker and weaker till eventually all you have left is a broken broom handle, a rusted bucket for a helmet. And you are plagued by constant nuisance mosquito attacks that you have an allergic reaction to and pass out for weekends at a time. Eventually you just starve to death.

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