y is this even on SUPERcars???

Discussion in '1931 MG F-Type Magna' started by PooLeaf27, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. looking at the stats of this piece of crap makes me wonder y this is considered to even be a supercar????
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    I agree with you completely. This car is a #$%#in heap of shite that has about as much to do with a supercar as bruce forsyth has to do with comedy, I hate MGF's and think they are just a #$%#in ponced up hair dressers car, i also hate the MX-5 and Z3. They arent even quick. i had a race with a 1.9 Z3 in my dads 1963 triumph TR4 and caned it completely! <!-- Signature -->
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    Sorry to interrupt your idiots-convention,

    It just hurts my poor heart seeing cars like the MGF, MX-5 or Z3 getting "attacked" by a bunch of IQ-monsters in puberty.

    All three are quite successful small and lightweight everyday-sports/fun-cars. Their main purpose is to "entertain" while driving to work, the shopping-mall or wherever - they were never meant to deliver breathtaking performance you can only unleash at some racetracks without the risk of losing your license or life. These cars are made for people who enjoy driving along a winded road, feeling a fresh breeze passing by while falling in love with the wonderful handling, not for some stupid drag races from one traffic light to the next, just to "prove" yourself or some other human garbage what an incredibly great driver you are by just kicking down one pedal...
    By the way: perhaps the Z3 you "have beaten" never had the intention to race you - however, still amusing...

    One more thing: Why the hell is the MGF a hair-dresser's car ??? Do you have to be a proud owner of a degenerated US-teeny-brain to fully understand this ?

    Comments are welcome
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    well.....really the sites name is supercars.net and it has a dodge sprit so anytin could happen. it can put on whatever it wants on its site. and it is jus a car to make drivin fun so it has a reason 2 be on supercars.
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    First of all, have you seen the stats for the TR4? not too impressive eh? and what does a comparison between a Z3 and a TR4 have to do with an MG? To be honest, I wonder why my car (TR7) is even on this site, but then I realize that a supercar need not be a 10-second drag racer. Cars like the tr's Mg's z3, and others excel at handling, mid range throttle response, fun factor, and price where others can't even compare. And for god's sake, give nostalgia a chance!
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    if the 82 Mustang GT is here theres surely room for this MG
  7. their sno ay in hell you beat a modern day car with a 63 triumph a festiva could beat your triumph ive driven one before my dad has a 79 mgb and teh efstiva that i dorev was quicker than it and the 79 mgb ould be faster than your triumph tr4 tr4's are anything but fast their meant to be dirven at the same speed on the straights as through the turns

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