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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FORD PINTOS DONT SUCK, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. like a fellon
  2. Wrokin USA
  3. I'm like Magellan I'm soooooo gellin.
  4. I'm gellin.
  5. I'm not gellin so my feet are swellin
  6. i dont know how that got to be so seemigly catchy. it was the most retarded thing id heard when they first started doing it.
  7. They hammer that stupid phrase into people's minds through repetition. Those commercials make me crave the blood of the innocent.
  8. want some mellon?
  9. Everyone around here wants to see Raising Helen.
  10. Milford Cubicle
  11. i am iron man
  12. badabababaaa im lovin it
  13. oh shit! its wayne brady son
  14. I prefer Rubert Cumberdale.
  15. ban request
  17. Nigger hate your face

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