Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

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  1. I was going to buy one of these, I used one in my preengineering class and it was pretty good. But I knew I could get use out of both the heatgun and the power supply, and I'm not going to be using the thing all the time, so a cheaper one should be fine for my purposes
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  2. 2x 18mm watch straps
  3. What's his name? He good to you?
  4. Doom for PS4. BBL see u in 2017
  5. Bought a TV. Something with a lot of numbers, I dunno, but the last TV I bought was a 32" LCD that I got in high school that had a massive bezel and was like, 5" thick. So I thought it was time for an upgrade.
  6. New TV 4K specs are more
    Complicated than ever.
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  7. It was a 50" 4k Samsung thing that I got because it had the biggest percentage off in the year-end sales for its size.

    Probably means nobody bought it.
  8. And its a boxing day SKU
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  9. who really cares about tv specs? like 2 are important, inches and how many k's (4 is ideal)
    i feel like ignorance is bliss with this and audiophile shit. If I cant notice the difference thats a blessing and I can save a ton of money
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  10. that's fine but don't hate on people who can enjoy the finest things in life, labourer.
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  11. Got myself a few toys for Xmas

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  12. A new Savage .308.
  13. Basking for 1000 years (on the couch).
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  14. I find that looking at a TV (and hoping the store didn't mess the tuning up too badly) is more important than pure specs. My TV is a 50" Samsung (not 4k) that was cheap and I'm not too happy with the image quality. It's a compromise I made because I'm not rich.
  15. Basement dwelling (c)
  16. Some shirts from American apparel because they were $10 down from $90 and $60 each because they're going under and liquidating excess stock
  17. I wondered why they closed AA in my city.

    For what you got I always thought they overcharged by at least 100%. No great loss.
  18. 27mm and 18-55mm for my X-T10
  19. 50sq m of oak parquet floors. Going to put it in the upstairs hall and two bedrooms and maybe also the third bedroom.

    Got it at 50% off. Score!
  20. I want to buy a blender.
  21. I want to buy a Kaby Lake - GTX 1070-1080 setup. My current pc is originally from around -08 and updated -11 making it by far the longest I have used a same setup.

    This would cost some 1500-2000e without a new display.

    Same money could be used for a trip to New York... My car and bike might want this allocation too.
  22. Kaby Lake is getting chilly reviews in terms of performance.
  23. travel > new PC
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  24. You can travel by PC
    You can't PC by travel

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