Your Latest Purchase pt. 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Weathertech mats, new headlights, touch up paint, and a full compliment of fluids and filters on the way. Need to find someone to refinish the wheels, they're corroded all to hell.

  2. I may have overdone it. Lets hope the camera is better than what I shot this on.

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  3. You're very much invested in Google, I see.
    I'm debating whether I should get a Pixel 3 (not XL). My Nexus 6P is still working fairly well and it's like $800. Slightly worried about battery life, to be honest.
  4. I traded my 6p for a huawei p-smart couple weeks ago. The 6p battery completely died. Too bad, it was a great phone otherwise.
  5. How are those Huawei phones?

    Wondering because we can't get them here, we don't want those chinks spying on our 15 second facebook cooking videos
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  6. I have a pixel 2xl
    its nice. Too nice.
  7. Mine was half dead about a year ago, and replacing the battery with a new one fixed it.
    This, by the way, is suggested for all phones that are +2 years old. Should give the device anther year or so of freshness.
  8. They're pretty good. There's a lot of models, so can't speak for all. But mine was dirt cheap, has a 2,5 day battery life, relatively quick, almost no bloatware, has fingerprint reader etc. Camera is not that great on mine though. The p20 pro is supposed to be amazing.
  9. Apparently they are pretty damn good. Like the Hyundai of phones.
    Started out complete shit. But now actually offer a really good product at a major discount
  10. One thing i don't like about the Huawei phones, is that you can't turn off the sound of the fake camera shutter. Apparently there's a law in Asia that phones need to have that sound so pervs can't take sneak pictures of women.
  11. ugh hate when the nanny state cramps my upskirt game
  12. Ordered a Pixel 3. In fact I ordered two. $350 off the second device.
  13. you guys buy a lot of boring shit eh
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  14. Its BF tomorrow. There are some things I might consider buying I just dont have that much to spend.

    A new one piece Dainese suit maybe. My current ten years old is ok now that I have cleaned it, needs stitching though.

    I dont really need any consumer electronics.
  15. Black friday purchases: The witcher 3 and Mario Tennis.
  16. Got a 70" 4K vizio and an Xbox one x to upgrade the living room. Use the old stuff to finally set my basement up the way I want.
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  17. While the leather suit is still on sale and even in my size I opted to throw the same cash into buying a set of fiberglass fairings. Now I need to study and design how to paint it. :)
  18. Complete with ball gag and pony tail butt plug?
  19. Black Ops 4 I'll pick it up tomorrow
  20. Congtars
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  21. Early Christmas.

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  22. Just got my Pixel 3. And new running shoes.

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