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  1. A bunch of games on xbox live games on demand. This way I keep forza in the cd drive and never have to get up to change the CD.
  2. you're a #$%#ing genius!
  3. broodje bapao
  4. what a stingy gift
  5. 3 lbs of bacon
    24 eggs
    2 bags of chicharrones
  6. now that is a generous gift
  7. Interstate battery for my vehicle
  8. That's one big breakfast. But seriously, cut down on the bacon.
  9. I'm on a ketogenic diet. Bacon is quick and easy.
  10. whats a chicharonne
  11. fried pork skin
  12. thats always good
  13. I would prefer to do this, but games are like twice the price to download.
  14. couldnt afford the DIEHARD sold only at sears or what
  15. My latest purchase was a new router for my mom's house. Spent 2-3 hours trying to get it to work last Friday, and failed. Now I don't know what to do. Not sure if it's the router (that's what the ISP's technical support said) or if it's something I did.
  16. i learned a few months ago that a good router actually does make a big difference in wireless speed!
  17. I actually bought one more expensive than the one I got for myself. I'm thinking it's something I did. New routers don't just not dial out of the box.
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    wireless setup has become pretty routine for me

    1. Always have a laptop. This is crucial, because initial setup involves connecting something to the router's ethernet port, and running cables around isn't fun at all.
    2. Always have the uid/pw info for the admin interface. You won't get far without this, though I have been able to setup some access points without having to change a single thing in the settings. It's just not as secure as I like.
    3. Plug your laptop into the ethernet port.
    4. Use ipconfig or network preferences to determine IP info
    5. browse to the default gateway's address as a url (i.e.: -->
    6. Go to the wireless setup
    7. Enable hidden SSID, WPA2-PSK, AES
    8. Modify the SSID to something else
    9. Modify the preshared key to something intense
    10. Change the default admin username/password
    11. Save the settings and reboot the router
    12. Don't bother do disconnect the laptop
    13. Go to another computer
    14. Make sure wireless is on
    15. Find the option to manually join a network instead of picking from the list
    16. Put in the SSID and PSK (WPA2-PSK, AES)
    17. When the other computer successfully connects, disconnect laptop

    Other things to do if you care
    1. Change to a less cluttered channel if using 2.4ghz (10-14)
    2. Disable or password protect guest networks, if they exist
    3. Enable MAC whitelisting
    4. Modify the DHCP range to suit the size of the network
    5. Add address reservations associated to specific MAC addresses to simulate static addressing without having to run around to every computer
  19. bought some new balance 574's the other day
    such comfy
  20. A pair of khaki slacks. Welcome to the ' marriott points lifestyle ' sir, around the corner there is an applebees and thursday nights they have karaoke night, we also serve a continental breakfast every morning between 6 and 9 and in the hotel's convention center we have free internet connection so you can check your emails and "catch up" on the office, have a great stay.
  21. karaoke at the hotel bar. man, get ready to pull down some serious trim
  22. Nexus 5 + Nexus 7. Google owns my ass at this point.
  23. lol


    check out thiiiis guy
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    This is a good post.
    My problem, however, is not in the router - or so I suspect. The modem is a modem/router and I think the problem is in making it think it's just a modem.

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