1953 Aston Martin DB1 2-Litre Sports ‘Paul Jackman Special’

Shortly after David Brown purchased Aston Martin, construction began on an updated version. This prototype was entered at the 24 Hours race at Spa in 1948 as a way of testing its durability, and the car won the race outright with drivers St. John Horsfall and Leslie Johnson. The Spa car was rebuilt and shown at the London Motor Show as an example of a new “Spa Replica” series for public sale, but there were no takers. The single Spa car has been until recently kept in the Dutch Motor Museum. In 2006 it returned to the UK and has been fully restore

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In Detail

typeSeries Production Car
released at1953 London Motor Show
body stylistDavid Brown
power96.900002 kw / 130 bhp
driven wheelsFR
key driversSt. John Horsfall, Leslie Johnson
race victories1953 24 Hours race at SPA