1995 McLaren F1 LM

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - McLaren

The McLaren F1 LM serves as the ultimate derivative of the ultimate road going supercar. The LM version of the F1 is basically a modified McLaren F1 GTR for road going use. Major differences from the standard F1:

The F1 LM features the 1995 GTR engine without air restrictors. 18 inch magnesium wheels 76kgs lighter than the standard F1. Upgraded aerodynamics & gearbox

As a tribute to Bruce McLaren, all 5 LM's were painted Papaya Orange, the same color used on his Formula One & Can Am racecars.

The F1 Lm recently broke the 0-100-0 mph time, with a run off 11.5 seconds streching 828 feet.


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