2001 Ruf 911 RTurbo

The RUF Rturbo is built on the basis of the Porsche 996 Turbo and can be offered with 520, 550 or with 590 bhp. Correspondingly, the torque increases to 830 Nm in the 590 bhp version.

Such performance is not only achieved by a series of complimentary modifications but also by modified turbochargers and a ingenious exhaust system. The engine management system as well as the intake tract are re-mapped to match their newly optimized surroundings. When choosing the 590 bhp upgrading, the engine is also disassembled completely, equipped with titanium conrods, converted camshafts and heat exchanger and then reassembled again. To cope with the increased torque, a stronger clutch is installed.

The chassis and the brakes are adjusted as well, fitted with new shocks, springs, stabilizer bars, and RUF-Brembo brake discs and calipers.

The RUF integrated roll cage serves as a hidden safety feature. The roll cage can hardly be noticed with the interior leather or alcantara carpeting panels fully covering the cage.

RUF 19 inch alloy wheels and newly designed front and rear spoilers characterize the visual appearance of the RUF Rturbo, which is also available with the narrow body of the Porsche 996 Carrera. The RUF Rturbo is launched with the latest evolution of RUF instrumentation, that reminds of Porsche models of earlier times.

If so desired, the RUF Rturbo is also available with 2 WD instead of 4 WD.

Beginning September 2004, this car is available with the RUF suspension system (hydraulically adjustable).


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